A New Vocabulary Of Art Created Through Sound, Light, Time & Space: Artistes Of South Asia Curate Multi-Sensory Experiences

Image from Sub_Sequence 2018 by Magic Monkeys Ceylon.

“For me, sound is a building material”, says Austrian-artist Bernhard Leitner who is often considered as the pioneer in experimenting with sound installation as an art form. His work explores the audio-physical experience of spaces and objects which are determined in form and content by movements of sound. “It is necessary to rethink and redefine the term space. Space can be defined by lines of sound: the lines delineate the configuration of space and simultaneously make it a specific expressive experience”. While studying the relationship between sound, space and body, the artist created spaces with the vocabulary of sound thereby introducing new forms of expression and the potential for a fundamentally new experience.


NEWS - 29. July 2022   CITY - Colombo Project - Sub_Sequence 2018