The EQ Way: A New Voice For Women In Music

The EQ Way is a new initiative founded by DJs Nephra (Neha Pardeshi) and Pooja Bangad to support women in the music industry in India, aspiring to create a space to nurture their talent.


NEWS - 30. May 2018   ARTIST - Pooja B

Spontaneous Combustion With Infinite Jar Space

Ikagar Saini is a man with no plan. He hates planning. So much, in fact, that he is committed to improvisation almost as a way of life. It’s what informs his music, his art, just about everything he does. His idea of expression is a spontaneous burst of emotion through his work, diverging from an abstract point of origin to a drastically different conclusion.


NEWS - 14. May 2018   CITY - New Delhi

The Pursuit of Happiness With Natasha Humera Ejaz

If you ask Natasha Humera Ejaz — which I did — the idea of happiness is really stupid. “It’s a strange theory,” she says. “Everyone’s always fighting for it. What it is. Where it is. How to capture it. I don’t want to go through life thinking that happiness is something that’s beyond my reach.” It really isn’t, which is why it’s such a stupid theory. And Ejaz, a Pakistani musician, actor, dancer, and educator, is creating reminders for herself, through her art, through the music she writes as Stupid Happiness Theory — that happiness isn’t really as elusive. That it’s within grasp for anyone who tries to capture it.


NEWS - 11. May 2018  

In Profile: New Kids On The Block Abdullah & Hatim

So how’d your exams go?” and “wait, how old are you?” aren’t usually the lead questions in interviews with upcoming musicians but then the case of Abdullah Siddiqui and Hatim Siddique is a novel one.


NEWS - 09. May 2018   CITY - Lahore ARTIST - Abdullah Siddiqui

Azadi Records: “India Has An Eminem. It’s Just That Nobody’s F*cking Found Him”

“It’s pretty self-explanatory. Azadi, freedom. Freedom for everyone. Freedom for us, freedom for the artists” says Mo regarding the name of one of India’s freshest independent labels, ‘Azadi Records’.


NEWS - 03. May 2018   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Prabh Deep