Creating A Scene From Scratch: Asvajit On Jambutek & Electronic Music In Sri Lanka


You simply cannot talk about the Sri Lankan music scene without mentioning Asvajit Boyle – musician and co-founder of iconic record label Jambutek and event company Bang Bang. You’ll recognise its symbol – a sour, colourful local fruit known as ‘Jambu’ in Sinhalese. Since its formation in 2014, Jambutek has played a key role in propagating electronic music in Colombo and around, giving its artists a legitimate platform to showcase their work and its audiences a space to learn about and enjoy contemporary sounds through regular workshops, seminars and some of the best parties this side of the world.


NEWS - 21. April 2017  

Wandering Through Discomforting Soundscapes: NOMAD


6 years ago, when 24-year-old Rija Yousuf moved back from Saudi Arabia to her hometown Karachi, all she wanted to do was discover the city with fresh ears. Having never grown up in Pakistan, this was more than a homecoming. It was an opportunity to explore a city fraught with violence, with a sense of curiosity and wonder.


NEWS - 18. April 2017   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - NOMAD

Colombo: Sound And Crossing(s)


Performance art event Theertha Performance Platform (TPP) brought together various artists from different disciplines at their latest show, centred around the exploration of sound’s ability to transcend its own medium, the event was aptly titled and themed ‘Sound and Crossing(s)’.


NEWS - 10. April 2017