“There Is No Excuse For Not Expressing Yourself”: Ash Koosha On Trump, Living In Exile & The Need For Critical Thinking In Art

Ash-Koosha-Credit-Özge-CöneImage credit: Özge Cöne

On 20 January this year, former businessman and reality TV personality Donald Trump sauntered onto the West Front of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. to take oath as president of the United States. There wasn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind that the ripple effect of this mind-boggling election was eventually going to reach shores around the world, but when Trump signed the executive order on immigration (“protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry”) a mere week later – mankind gasped in collective, despairing shock.


NEWS - 14. February 2017   ARTIST - Ash Koosha

The More ‘Limited’ Artistes Are, The More Creative They Become: Ghazaleh E


“Music is my medium of expression. It’s the language I speak. And, it is the only channel of hope that can bring mankind together,” says Iranian pianist and sound artiste Ghazaleh Ebrahimi.


NEWS - 07. February 2017   ARTIST - Ghazaleh E Project - BMR Berlin #3 2016