“It’s a dictatorship, and creativity is the dictator” – Ish Shehrawat On Sound Reasons Festival


Who is Ish Shehrawat?

When asked a simple question – “how did the Sound Reasons record label and festival first come about?” – he offers no straight answers.


NEWS - 24. November 2016   ARTIST - diFfuSed beats

City Profile: Ahmedabad

a14380097_10153734138466640_4914578854044926810_oImage curtsey of The Humming Tree

Uddipan Sarmah is the frontman of Aswekeepsearching, a post-rock outfit from Ahmedabad and one of the few acts from the city to have broken out from the scene there. The band released their second album ‘Khwaab’ in October last year to much acclaim and followed this with a 5 date tour around Russia. Sarmah is also one-half of the brains behind popular indie series 2Stroke Tour, where he organises national tours for multiple bands.


NEWS - 11. November 2016   ARTIST - aswekeepsearching

What’s Holding Back Live Music In Kolkata?

cBacardi-NH7-Weekender,-Kolkata-2015_Photo-by-Naman-Saraiya-(6-of-17)Bacardi NH7 Weekender Kolkata 2015 – image credit: Naman Saraiya

In a country as populated as India, a niche is quantifiably a mass – and if you’re not reaching out to them, you’re missing out. Especially as an artist. Tall claims to make, but fair to apply when it comes to the context of our little alternative music scene here. While certain places around the country are bubbling, some which held promise earlier, are slow to pick up the pace. One such example is my hometown, Kolkata.


NEWS - 03. November 2016   CITY - Kolkata

From Classical Piano To Experimental Techno: How Nene Hatun Discovered Electronic Music


Earlier this year, we were proud to announce the launch of a new residency initiative: BMR. Over the course of 2016 – BMR hosted 3 South Asian artists in Berlin for 2 months, and will see Berlin-based artist Nene Hatun take part in a bespoke residency program in India.


NEWS - 01. November 2016   CITY - Berlin ARTIST - Nene Hatun Project - Border Movement Residency