On That KTM Grime: The Rise of Nep-Hop

GK_PictureCredit-RonishShreshta copyImage credit: Ronish Shreshta

Over the last two decades, Nepal has experienced political upheaval, civil unrest and devastation. From the outset of the civil war – christened the People’s War – by the Communist Party of Nepal in February 1996 to the catastrophic earthquake in April 2015, the erstwhile Hindu kingdom has witnessed a period of setbacks. Yet, the Nepalese people continue to survive, and in some cases, thrive. With a young, vibrant and ambitious population (88% of the population is under the age of 60), Nepal is seeking to chart a course that will leave a significant mark on the world – with hip-hop playing a pivotal role.


NEWS - 28. September 2016  

Reflections: BMR Berlin #2 With Dinelka Liyanage


Earlier this year we were proud to announce the launch of a new residency initiative: BMR. Over the course of 2016 – BMR will host 3 South Asian artists in Berlin for 2 months and see a Berlin based artist take part in a bespoke residency program in South Asia.


NEWS - 09. September 2016   CITY - Berlin ARTIST - Dinelka Project - Border Movement Residency

A Spin on Hyderabad’s Most Popular Female DJs

bm-2DJ Nephra – image credit: #SundayPlayground

Although there aren’t many female DJs in Hyderabad, the ones that do exist draw a good crowd.


NEWS - 07. September 2016