Hardline, Hardline After Hardline: The Manifesto Of Pakistani Hip-Hop

AdilOmar1 Adil Omar

In 2012, the Pakistan Telecom Authority blocked YouTube in response to an anti-Islamic film called Innocence of Muslims that had been posted on the video-sharing website. Since 2008, the PTA has thrice banned YouTube due to the presence of content that it considers blasphemous, only allowing YouTube to (officially) start functioning once they launched a local version of the service in January 2016. Only a fraction of Pakistan’s 199 million plus population protested.


NEWS - 25. April 2016  

The Broken Lines & Half Circles Of Kala’s Musical Vision

KALA-2-550x309Image credit: Kala

Functioning right alongside the grand theatre of Kala’s music is a clever sense of restraint. Sprightly, intermittent bursts of machismo are almost instantly undercut by minimalist textural movement within the music.


NEWS - 19. April 2016   ARTIST - KʌLʌ Project - Border Movement Residency

Finding Music In Chennai…

IENaezy performing at the IndiEarth XChange2015 – image credit: IndiEarth.

About thirty years ago, you’d find only two types of music in Chennai: Carnatic, or film. But thirty years is a long, long time, and the city has changed. You’re just as likely to find a metal head as a carnatic vocalist, a slide guitarist as a veena player and a world music aficionado as an ARR fan.


NEWS - 13. April 2016  

Two Brand Names And The Word Indie: The Mixed Media Rebellion Is Real


”The term indie is a brand now” – Aakash Bhatia, Story-Tellers.in

I was there when India’s creative industry caught fire. They put two brand names before the word indie and sounded the alarm. Colloquial artists swallowed what they spat — burnt tongues from fanning stock hues and dogma. They were shackled and presented before the jury: these ravenous voyeurs in their mid twenties, these ageing businessmen in straight jackets; they devoured content from the corner of their eyes and reduced three all-nighters at the desktop to a sales pitch.


NEWS - 07. April 2016