Globally Magnetic


In its third year, Magnetic Fields Festival takes the leap from local player to international powerhouse.

When I first came to Alsisar Mahal, the site of Magnetic Fields Festival, there was no tent village. There were no brightly coloured festival freaks in all manners of fantastical attire. There was just a lovely palace in a small town about half of the way down the road from Delhi to Bikaner.


NEWS - 24. February 2016   Project - Magnetic Fields 2015

Dhaka: When Old Town Parties


Image credit: Mushfiqur Rahman/

I’m not a historian. I can’t exactly tell you with accuracy as to what makes Old Town old, or different from the ever-developing stretches of one of the most cluttered cities of the world. I can tell Old Town apart only from the sepia-toned life that its people live, from the chipped walls and electricity cables that loom over us as the buildings close down on our rickshaw, from the lingering smell of the kabab that celebrates it Mughal heritage, from its spice mills and open butcher shops.

I can tell Old Town apart from the centuries old traditions it still retains, and its unshakeable love for celebration. And when Old Town parties, you cannot ignore it.


NEWS - 19. February 2016   CITY - Dhaka