An Octave Higher – Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2015

NH7 Weekender 2015 – Shilong

With Amit Trivedi headlining the Bacardi NH7 Weekender last year, India’s platform for showcasing ‘indie’ talent received unabashed criticism. There have also been those who brazenly point out certain artists being repeated and receiving preferential treatment. And then there are those who show constant support to the festival for being a springboard for unknown/first-time performers.


NEWS - 28. October 2015  

FXS: Tracing The Evolution of Pakistan’s Electronica Collective

FXS promotion on the streets of Karachi

As disembodied sounds start coming through the speakers, the start of my interview with founders of Pakistani electronica collective Forever South, was about matching the voices to the reputations.

Did the reedy voice belong to the loquacious Haamid Rahim, aka Dynoman, conductor of this orchestra, waving his baton to directions south?

Was the decidedly dudish voice that of sound engineer and musician Bilal Nasir Khan, aka Rudoh?


NEWS - 19. October 2015   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Forever South

Good Kid Mad City: Naezy’s Quest to Disrupt the Mainstream


One afternoon in late June, I made my way across to Mubarak Complex, LIG Colony, a residential complex situated in Kurla West, North Mumbai. Ramadan, the annual month-long observance followed by Muslims worldwide had just begun and preparations were in full swing for the evening feast. Children were playing on the street, waiting for their turn on a miniature Ferris wheel that was being operated by a young man.


NEWS - 08. October 2015   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Naezy