1-2- Zayan and KadinZayan and Kadin

The cumulative growth of Bangladesh’s electronica scene has been surprisingly fast and strong, while still managing to remain true to organic structures and communal spirit.

In just about four years, what started as a platform based in Dhaka has now expanded to other cities in Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi diaspora also remains an integral part of the movement, adding new, interesting flavours and dimensions to the sounds. And today, it looks like Dhaka Electronica Scene is taking shape as a community for all of Bangladesh – extending beyond borders and cities – building a space that is striving to look for the ‘Bengali’ sound that reflects upon its political, social, economic narrative through time.


NEWS - 23. September 2015   CITY - Dhaka

Border Movement Initiates New Series Of Programs In South Asia & Berlin With A Residency In Tehran


The last 3 years of Border Movement have witnessed a range of workshops, events and residencies in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Germany. This year sees Border Movement as a project evolve into a series of unique bespoke residencies for artists based in South Asia and Germany: the Border Movement Residency (BMR)

We’re excited to initiate this series of residencies with Berlin based musician Anika who will spend the next four weeks in Tehran collaborating with local artists, exchanging ideas and getting a taste of the local scene. She will perform as part of the 5th Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition TADAEX.

Check out Anika’s self titled debut which was produced by Portishead’s Geoff Barrow to critical acclaim: and keep your eyes peeled as we share Anika’s journey in Iran on Border Movement.

BMR is made possible by the Goethe-Institut, Wild City, Ableton and Musicboard Berlin.



NEWS - 16. September 2015   ARTIST - Anika

Tehran: SET Festival 2015

SETday1_ata+siavash-02Slavash Amini
While Iran is no stranger to electronic and experimental music, the revolution certainly caused it to stagnate for many years. Only in the last 5-years has the scene started to move and develop again. Iran’s musical space is comprised of a community that is now consistently putting out ambient, IDM and experimental electronic releases of a high quality via (predominantly) international and some domestic labels. It is however a scene that lacks the local infrastructure of a music industry: suitable venues, technicians, industry-folk and most importantly, a local audience. Furthermore, organizing concerts involves the mandatory permissions from the ministry of culture (which is no easy task), or hosting it in secrecy from both the ministry and the police.


NEWS - 08. September 2015  

A Cross-Cultural Millennium

Taking a closer look at the new sounds, producers and direction electronic music is taking in the UK-Asian scene.

It was a hot summer evening and the auditorium was filling up fast. Musician Shrikant Sriramaka Shri known for his dexterous bass playing skills and equally dynamic production, was performing that evening at the NCPA. Shri was born into a musical family in Mumbai where he studied tabla for almost 14 years. He soon started sculpting his own sound experimenting with the guitar, flute and bass before moving to the UK where he eventually grew into the well-respected musician he is today. The NCPA concert organised by the British Council was the first in a series of alternative electronic music events that were held in Mumbai.


NEWS - 02. September 2015