Nepal: The Rise of Electronic Music in the Himalayas

2014_ambientAmbient Valley Festival 2014

Disclaimer: This article was written before the devastating series of earthquakes in April/May 2015 in Nepal. Resulting from local initiatives and international support, Kathmandu is recovering slowly and efforts to rebuild continue. And as life gets back to more regular terms in the capital, the need to connect with friends and family is also growing, whether at fundraiser events, discussions, art forums or music festivals.

Nepal is an intriguing place to discover. The country has more than 2000 years of history and culture, numerous traditions and languages created by an ethnic melting pot. In a nutshell, it’s a cultural haven for seekers and seers of all kinds, and its aura of spirituality and adventure is something mainstream western society has been exploring since the 1960s.


NEWS - 26. August 2015  

Björn´s Legacy


Bjorn Ketels sees himself as the middle man; a broker of cultural exchanges.

He sells himself short.

For a non-artist, his role in the development of contemporary art and electronic music in Sri Lanka has been immeasurable. He is one of the Goethe Institut’s greatest assets in this region at present, perhaps sent by mere chance, to an island whose shores now vibrate at a higher frequency for having had him.


NEWS - 21. August 2015   CITY - Colombo

Back To The Future: Deciphering The Diversification Of Modern Electronica

Nicholson 2Nicholson

When electronica first began permeating our lives, it happened so gradually that we hardly noticed. Stretching back to the decades of disco, the synth-pop of the eighties and leading up to the EDM boom that has become the signature of the current era in music history – electronica has slowly made its mark on every aspect and every genre of music.


NEWS - 12. August 2015