In My City: Bangalore

smokeySumukh “Smokey” Mysore

Bangalore is recognized for being a cosmopolitan and open minded city, renown for its obsessive tryst with music. In a way, this has helped nurture what was a fledgling creative space into an exciting new frontier. Erasing stereotypes and embracing influences from art, culture and lifestyle has inspired artists who believe in this exact ethos and are on top of their game. We decided to get in touch with some of the artists who are helping bring about a change, to find out why they love the scene in Bangalore.


NEWS - 29. January 2015   CITY - Bangalore

‘Art may be escape but escape gives me hope’


Cloaked in mysterious melodic layers with a structure that delicately crafts aural twirls, Nawksh Toboggan’s musical identity is a cluster of expressive soundscapes. While the orchestral wonderment of his compositions unfold tales of intrigue and enigma, the sepulchral undertones camouflaged within a moody ambiance take one on a profound journey towards the soul of his music.


NEWS - 21. January 2015   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Nawksh Delivery Service

Radio Boom!


Independent music’s foray into Indian radio is another step closer to building a stronger ground for alternative musicians in India.


NEWS - 16. January 2015  

Sounds of a wandering soul…

“If the cosmos is nothing but a symphony of sounds and vibrations, then my role as a musician in this universe is to synchronously resonate and be a part of its collective existence. Perhaps, I could describe my musical identity as the inner voice of a wandering soul,” said Karachi-based producer Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey. Although discovering a multitude of sonic portals within sustained experimental structures led him to being the artiste he is today, his earnest exploration with his own sonic-scape lent him his current individuality.


NEWS - 11. January 2015   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Alien Panda Jury

Border Movement Visual Lab and Kompakt Showcase at Magnetic Fields 2014

MF Meesha Holley_44

The last month of 2014 was for many (including this author), defined by a singular hazy, ethereal weekend embellished with stars and light – an empty oasis in the desert brought to life by the sound of music and laughter, and imbibed with the energy of a thousand existing as one. The Magnetic Fields experience often seems to inspire superlatives in even the harshest critics, and not without reason.


NEWS - 07. January 2015   Project - Magnetic Fields 2014