Border Movement Lounges in Delhi & Kolkata


The spotlight is poised over our eastern neighbours in Bangladesh for India’s second edition of the Border Movement Lounge, set to take place take place tonight and tomorrow at Delhi and Kolkata respectively.

Headlining both events is talented Dhaka based electronic producer – Som Saha a.k.a. Space/Ghost. He’ll be playing alongside some top-notch homegrown electronic artists, more information for which you can find here.


NEWS - 29. October 2014   CITY - Kolkata

Embracing The Era Of Digitisation


Trifling with an invigorating gamut of sounds, a musician is often presented with an interesting conundrum – one that not only dabbles with the pulse of discovering a sonorous journey but also entails exploring and creating a unique melodic spectrum. Manipulating existing contours within sounds and transforming their identity has led to artistes unearthing a new dimension of experimental music.


NEWS - 24. October 2014  

Songs from the Hills

Papon on coke studio @ mtvPAPON

The lofty range of hills in the far Northeastern corner of the country have inspired many – a region that is bound with folk songs about love, war and harmony. The Northeast is characterised by its own very distinct beauty and has given us bountiful gifts in terms of talent – be it Papon or Soulmate or award winning engineer Debajit Changmai. Here’s taking a look at where the music of the Northeast stands today.


NEWS - 20. October 2014  

An Exchange With Monsoonsiren


It’s war out there, in the clubs, the house parties. If your nights out are punctuated by weeks spent in, it’s likely that you suffer from the delusion that THIS night, will be a good one. Once you decide to brave the small-talk and give yourself up to the greater cause of dance, nothing matters.


NEWS - 15. October 2014   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Monsoonsiren

The Ziro Experience: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


The Good

Good doesn’t do the following bit justice. Sublime would be more accurate.

The music wasn’t all that was right with Ziro Festival. The wide-open landscape of the Ziro Valley, situated at about 2,300 metres is a destination worth exploring even without the festival. Lush, pond filled open expanses of paddy and millet are dotted with hills covered in pine and bamboo. In villages near the festival site, one finds raised wood and bamboo houses interspersed with the occasional pakka construction. I’m told that the local food, which features a panoply of meats, is delightful. I’m vegetarian.


NEWS - 13. October 2014  

Ziro Festival 2014: The Music


After four days at the Ziro Festival of Music, a few words on some of the most noteworthy acts. We’ve largely stayed away from the straight up rockers. For more on them, look to Anurag Tagat’s excellent work at Rolling Stone, or keep an eye on MTV Indies, whose Sameer Ghauri seemed to be everywhere at once in Ziro.


NEWS - 09. October 2014  

Gig Preview: FXS Karachi Bound


It’s time to liven things up in Karachi again and Forever South are once more taking a step to revamp gig culture in Pakistan. On 11 October, in collaboration with the Goethe Institut and Border Movement, Forever South is bringing Karachiites a night filled with electronic music and fun visuals.
This collective of talented producers along with some local artists brainstormed long and hard to come up with ideas to give the people of Karachi the best audio-visual experience, creating the perfect backdrop for music lovers to unwind and aptly titled ‘Karachi Bound’.


NEWS - 07. October 2014   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Forever South