The Art of Soundscaping


Sound engineers from the country talk about their journey, experiences and the future of sound engineering in India.

The drums build an ecstatic progression, the bass vibrates right in your chest and the singer’s chant reel the crowd into a hypnotic trance; a journey that people remembered well after. When Pink Floyd performed in Mumbai in 2007, it took the audience to a place that transcended boundaries. The experience stayed with the crowd. The band was perfect and the people responsible for the delicate and highly specialised sound that night made the gig special. From crafting a band’s sound in the studio to bringing magic to a live show, a sound-engineers’ work is invaluable.


NEWS - 29. May 2014  

Blood Earth Project Gets The Dr Das Treatment


A Skype call from Mumbai to Kabul was something I didn’t see coming on Thursday afternoon but I knew it was a call I really wanted to make. It turns out that dancehall MC Delhi Sultanate had found an opportunity for an international collaboration that was too good to turn down. On my computer screen, Delhi Sultanate was beaming about a very fresh project that he had just begun work on. He had managed to make it to Afghanistan with fellow SkaVenger Begum X to work with musicians from Afghanistan and Pakistan for a local TV program. “It’s a program that transcends the borders and it’s so great that I can work with so many people from this part of the world!”


NEWS - 27. May 2014   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Word Sound Power

Hot, But Not The BLOT! You Thought You Got

Last year, something surprising happened. We’ve known BLOT! and Gaurav Malakar for quite sometime, and we thought we had him pegged. Without diminishing the quality of his work, it wasn’t difficult to anticipate the menu at a BLOT! evening; techno, mostly of the minimal variety. Though Gaurav branched out a bit with 2012’s SNAFU – most notably with regards to his collaboration with Peter Cat Recording Co.’s Suryakant Sawney – home base has always been evident.


NEWS - 22. May 2014   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - BLOT!

Achieving solitude amidst chaos…


Although art in any form tends to open up a whole new dimension of escapism, it does manage to instill a sense of hope in mankind. Personally as an artiste, I wouldn’t mind indulging in the escapism to go away into a world of my own to discover or create something that is truly unique. That way, when people do connect with it, it might bring them some hope of a different possibility. The process of experiencing art itself is a break from any normal thought pattern.


NEWS - 20. May 2014   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Klypp

Red Bull Music Academy returns to India with Benjamin Damage


Following performances by Modeselektor in December last year, alongside the informative Info Sessions hosted by the duo, Red Bull Music Academy is back.

The brand now synonymous with some of the best music from across the world also hosted the international premier and exclusive screening of award winning director Ralf Schmerberg’s full length feature film ‘What Difference Does It Make?’ in Mumbai – earlier this year. Now, not even 6 months into the year they have just announced a 4-city tour around India with one of the Academy’s most forward thinking techno aficionados; Benjamin Damage.


NEWS - 17. May 2014  

Interview: Proposition For A Revolution

At 28, Khushboo Ranka and Vinay Shukla have both already been integral parts of Anand Gandhi’s critically acclaimed Recyclewala Labs project Ship of Theseus. Ranka co-wrote the production and Shukla, otherwise an award-winning short film director in his own right, played the lawyer Cārvāka (a character with obvious parallels to the ancient rationalist philosophy his name stems from). Perhaps then, it was an inculcated instinct to train the cinematic lens on situations of interest that led them to record the journey of India’s most prolific mass movement in decades.


NEWS - 16. May 2014   CITY - Mumbai

PIX: Nature, Character, Territory and Belonging

paolo patrizi migrant sex workerFrom the series Migrant Sex Workers (ongoing), by Paolo Patrizi, Rome

You can’t see her face, but the woman wearing fishnet stockings, high heels and a short skirt is tired. She lies on her side in a bed which is a mattress placed on a dirty pool of water. The room she resides in is roofed by stars and its walls made of tall thickets of grass. Paolo Patrizi photographed the faceless woman as part of his ‘Migrant Sex Workers’ series – a poignant, moving and perturbing series about the women of Benin City in the south central part of Nigeria who travelled to Italy to work in the sex trade. The image is displayed with many others, all stark, visceral – singular dots of focus that say more than I can in words about the sub human habitat in which these people live.


NEWS - 14. May 2014   CITY - New Delhi

Sri Lanka’s Tomcat and Magnum debut release


As part of a new wave of electronic musicians emerging from Sri Lanka, Tomcat and Magnum are turning heads with their fresh and experimental sounds. The duo have already carved out a distinct edge with their music, engaging audiences with a genre that’s rather obscure in this part of the world. They launched themselves fully into the scene in March this year with their self-titled debut EP which they performed in full at the Border Movement Lounge Live Performance Sessions in Colombo.


NEWS - 12. May 2014   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Tomcat and Magnum

What does the future have in store for us?

From Natya Shastra to liturgical hymns, the ancient musical identity of India is reminiscent of an era that thrived on self-discovery and spirituality. With passing time and as civilisations embraced change, our sonic character too evolved and transformed. Fast forward to the 80s, our thirst for radical innovation and the curiosity to explore music amplified by technology soon led to a movement that essentially defined our contemporary sound as we know it today.


NEWS - 09. May 2014  

Talking Drums

delhi drum circle

The Rose hotel on a Saturday evening in Hauz Khas used to be one of my favourite Delhi nights. An intimate affair with a regular Congolese group that felt like they were jamming in your living room. The music was raw and the atmosphere a refreshing change for Delhi – few places would be so inviting having many different shades socializing under one roof.


NEWS - 07. May 2014   CITY - New Delhi

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