For those who’ve been partying by the sunny shores in Colombo, Asvajit is a name that is more of a frequented buzzword. His credentials hold up to pioneering electronic music production in the sun-kissed island and representing the sub-continent at various festivals in Europe. Most notably, Fusion Festival in Berlin, through the support of Border Movement.

In 2010 Asvajit released his first EP, Hard Boiled. This was the first time local audiences got to enjoy home-grown electronic music . The release acted as a catalyst, changing the way people would adapt to dance music in Colombo.

Pillow Talk is an EP with a fresh twist beyond imagination straddling a broad spectrum of genres – not forgetting the his trademark take on dub and funk. Inspired by jambu, a fruit native to the tropics – Pillow Talk is full of fresh and ‘zesty’ sounds; a release effortlessly fusing funk, dub, hip-hop and techno.

Listen in full below and enjoy:

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NEWS - 30. April 2014   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Asvajit

Kaffir Culture

Kaffir culture

Afro-Sinhalese… for real?

This was my initial reaction when I recently discovered this community exists. A forgotten group in the truest sense; where if you ask a Sri-Lankan if they’ve heard of them, they will probably look at you in disbelief.

Known as the Sri Lankan Kaffirs, this small community lives in the Northwestern part of the island with a history that extends centuries back.


NEWS - 28. April 2014   CITY - Colombo

The Thinking Man’s Music: A First-Ever Interview With The Ebullist/SLM

“I’m just this kid locked in his bedroom, happy playing around with DSP units,” the elusive suburban Mumbai artist we know only as Sean (he releases music as the Ebullist and Synthetic Lying Machine) tells me revealingly in a first ever interview. “I’ve exchanged my social life for modular programs.”


NEWS - 24. April 2014   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Ebullist, The

Room 2 Preview: Room For Growth


Room is Dhaka Electronica Scene’s flagship event series which focuses on introducing new artists to the electronic music scene. Taking place on Wednesday 30 April in Dhaka, the event is executed in way that suits local values i.e. no alcohol sales but there is a BYOB option. While alcohol is a lucrative part of most nightlife industries, it is a social taboo here in Dhaka and the same can be said about electronic music gigs. Someone once told me that police permission is required whenever there is a gig, but we got lucky with the German connection.


NEWS - 22. April 2014   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Dhaka Electronica Scene

Exploring Instability


“Electronic sound devices are far less restricted and adverse to absolute pitch and timbre. 
A revolution is on its way, changing the way music and sound can be imagined in the near future.” A prophetic comment made by Pierre Schaeaffer (French sound theorist and music concrete visionary) way back in 1972.


NEWS - 17. April 2014   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Da-Saz

Bangalore Nightlife: On The Brink Of Transformation…


Reflecting a diverse and expanding cultural milieu, Bangalore’s identity is a manifestation of centuries of artistic progression. In the quest of interpreting every nuance of emotion and expression into an art form, it has gradually strengthened the core of its artistic identity over the years. After all, in a city where the pleasant drone of a tanpura can co-exist in harmony with hammering riffs, distorted bass lines and acid synths; it is no wonder that music has always been interwoven with its soul.


NEWS - 10. April 2014   CITY - Bangalore

Delhi Sultanate and Begum X: The Kabul Project


To most people, Afghanistan invariably and understandably conjures up the same few images: war, suicide bombings, austere bearded men who banned music, laughter and repressed women during their short stint in power, and, until he was found wrapped in a blanket watching reruns of himself in a neighbouring country three years ago, Osama Bin Laden.

It is safe to say that Caribbean music is not the first thing that comes to mind. It has probably never been played in the country, save maybe for a few expats jamming on rare open mic nights at the few Kabul bars where they gather to escape the boredom of barbed-wired compounds and to enjoy grossly overpriced liquor.


NEWS - 09. April 2014   CITY - Kabul ARTIST - Ska Vengers, The

Pakistani Artists to look out for 2014


Pakistan has always been a country that prides itself on its love and championing of music. Though Pakistani pop music has always been ‘strong’ in its presence, independent music in Pakistan (be it electronic or guitar-driven) hasn’t always found itself substantive in quality and quantity. The past few years, however, have led to a deluge of independent producers, musicians and bands.


NEWS - 03. April 2014   CITY - Karachi