Indian artists to watch out for in 2014


If 2013 taught us anything, it was that there’s a slew of terrific talent coming out of Indian music that we’re only just beginning to tap. We at Border Movement are excited to be excavating the freshest artists for your perusal, and what better way to do this than list our choicest new picks from the underground? These are producers we wish to see heralding their own unique sounds brashly into the new year, sounds we’ve watched them develop diligently thus far. Even Audio Pervert, we’re hoping, will approve of this one.


NEWS - 29. January 2014  

Smax reflects on his RBMA experience and his approach to music making


A lot of electronic music currently coming out of Pakistan is refreshingly forward-thinking, especially in lieu of how often music in South Asia can be seen quietly flogging the proverbial dead (musical) horse. Smax (Amman Mushtaq) is one such producer who has been consistently churning out eclectic electronic music, often tapping into multiple genres and marrying them together into an altogether new, vibrant and surprisingly organic sound.


NEWS - 27. January 2014   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Smax

Slowspin – Nightfall’s Reverie

Artwork by Samya Arif

It is easy to lose yourself in the unfolding dreams of Nightfall’s Reverie. The EP unfurls like a thoughtfully arranged constellation of Haikuesque stories with Zeerak Ahmed – aka Slowspin – drawing upon her own narrative to make humbling, life-affirming music. Immediately striking in Nightfall’s Reverie are Slowspin’s nimble voice and the overall atmospheric with which she aspires to do something bigger than what the margins of her own inner worlds allow. Her murmurs and visions are dazzling because they all fade away too soon, which is why you cannot help but cherish them as your own forever.


NEWS - 22. January 2014   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Slow Spin


Nikolaj Arise 1

New Delhi’s KHOJ is celebrating a landmark collaboration with the Tate Modern with its new exhibition ‘WORD.SOUND.POWER’. This is the Tate’s first collaboration in India and will be on display at Khoj International Artists’ Association in Khirkee Extension until Saturday 8th February.


NEWS - 17. January 2014   CITY - New Delhi

Jaipur Literature Festival: Remembering Cheb-I-Sabbah

Cheb 4

It was a magical winter’s night at the foothills of Amber Fort. The wine never seemed to stop flowing and our feet never stopped moving to the music. The year was 2012 at the Writer’s Ball, Jaipur Literature Festival . DJ Cheb-I-Sabbah had the who’s who of the literary world grooving to his beats dressed in bright sherwanis and shawls. It was the last time he performed at the Literary Carnival. Chebi passed away on November 6, 2013.


NEWS - 15. January 2014  

Last Call For Applications: Onebeat 2014


International cultural exchange program OneBeat are offering 19-35 year olds from (specific countries) around the world the opportunity to participate in an all expenses paid collaborative project in the U.S. Over four weeks, 25 selected participants will collaboratively write, produce and perform original music whilst exploring and developing ways for music to make a positive impact on local and global communities.


NEWS - 13. January 2014  

Berlin Ghetto Music : Mouse On Mars reincarnated


The German veterans preview their new EP on Boiler Room

After a 6 year hiatus, in 2012 Mouse on Mars made a comeback with a vengence on Modeselektor’s label imprint Monkeytown Records with their album Parastrophics and a mini-album titled WOW.  Last night they premiered tracks from their brand new EP ‘Spezmodia’ at the Club Transmediale edition of Boiler Room in Berlin.


NEWS - 09. January 2014   CITY - Berlin ARTIST - Mouse On Mars

Across the Border: Zahed Sultan


“I just want to do something that is a reflection of my experiences having lived in India, in the UK, in the US, in Kuwait, without distancing myself from my culture, but at the same time taking the origins of India and Kuwait and amalgamating them into a format that is the interpretation of who I am.”


NEWS - 06. January 2014   ARTIST - Zahed Sultan