Magnetic Fields Festival: Robot Koch & Chaganji


Bringing Robert Koch aka Robot Koch to India for Magnetic Fields Festival has always been high on our agenda and the fact that he very openly hates traveling made his submission to the Motherland that much more special. However, what has really inspired us about this journey and connection is not how insanely incredible his set was (this is an understatement of preposterous proportions), but how such a beautiful and organic relationship has now evolved between one of Europe’s most talented underground producers and a remote Chung band in a sleepy little village in Rajasthan.


NEWS - 27. December 2013   ARTIST - Robot Koch

Sundog Project: Mature Metchul Men

band shot

Boys don’t grow up. Even long after bad skin, croaky voices and a predisposition for social awkwardness have disappeared. Even long after college is over, they will continue with protracted attempts to bunk on life. Even long after the girls turn to women, they will continue to ignore the responsibilities of a relationship. Even long after… Oh no, no boy ever truly grows out of wanking around.


NEWS - 23. December 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Sundog Project

DJ Angelo On Digital Turntablism


Last month, we checked in to Delhi’s OTB to see what UK DJ Angelo could do on the wheels of steel. Though the Diwali weekend crowd was sparse, it was dominated by b-boys who were there for the straight up party cutting and juggling promised by DJ Angelo.


NEWS - 17. December 2013   CITY - New Delhi

Delineating Disco Beats & Ragas: an interview with Acid House legend Charanjit Singh


The story of Charanjit Singh stands out as a singular feat in the universe of electronic synth and syncopated disco beats.A sessions player in the Bollywood film industry, Charanjit spent a chunk of his career covering popular film songs and performing in soundtrack orchestras from 1960′s to the 1980′s. It was the recent hysteric response to his 1982 seminal album “Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat” , that garnered him an international audience and credited him as the “pioneer of acid house music”.


NEWS - 14. December 2013   ARTIST - Charanjit Singh

Motherland welcomes RBMA

rbma 281113

Upping the ante on India’s underground music scene.

Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) landed in India. A first for our Motherland.

There is no-one making a difference in today’s music landscape to quite this scale and with such emphasis on an uncompromising quality. RBMA has been fostering underground dance culture through workshops, festivals and events that have travelled all the way from Cape Town to Sao Paulo, building a community of like-minded people along the way.


NEWS - 12. December 2013   ARTIST - Modeselektor

More than just music at Magnetic Fields


The striking backdrop of a 17th century palace combined with impeccable Rajasthani hospitality, the freshest underground sounds from India and abroad, and the perfect blend of heritage arts mixed with contemporary culture: Magnetic Fields — a brand new music and arts festival – promises an exciting new festival experience.


NEWS - 09. December 2013  

Robot Koch leads SoundLab in Chennai at IndieEarth


Just a week before his headlining performance at Magnetic Fields, Berlin bass stalwart Robot Koch is leading a 4 day production workshop as part of Border Movement’s regional SoundLab project. He is hosting this alongside Indian composer TL Mazumdar at the Unwind Center in Chennai’s with a group of upcoming local producers.


NEWS - 05. December 2013   CITY - Chennai ARTIST - Robot Koch

Sometimes & Elsewhere present: #1 Modeselektor

Thanks to Red Bull Music Academy, Modeselektor are set to play DJ sets in Mumbai and Delhi this week.

To mark the occasion, BM asked Perera Elsewhere (Jahcoozi) and visual artist Hugo Holger Schneider to interview Modeselektor.

We were expecting something off the wall, but this is next level Dada.  Check it out for yourselves.

Sometimes & Elsewhere present: #1 Modeselektor from BorderMovement on Vimeo.

An Interview Project by Hugologie and Perera Elsewhere featuring Modeselektor ‘s Sebastian Szary and Gernot ‘the spherical Kugel’ Bronsert


NEWS - 03. December 2013   CITY - Berlin ARTIST - Modeselektor

Review: Funk Forum/ Colombo


Funk Forum/ Barefoot Café/ Colombo/ 22 November 2013

Capturing (the spirit of) live music is tricky: The more you get sucked into the allure of a night, the trickier it becomes, your judgement clouded by intimate conversations with strangers, neonlight fuzz, residual smoke… broads in batik. What essentially should be the task of an observer, becomes one of an accomplice, as the mind begins to wander along a slightly slanted axis of reality. But even at the best of times, memory is a flux. Ultimately, you want to tie objectivity to a tree, and bask in the real aura of the night.


NEWS - 02. December 2013   CITY - Colombo