Across the border with Jibberish

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“Life has to hit you hard, and then you have a lot to say” and Irshad Azeez has plenty. Sri Lankan born and raised rapper – Irshad Azeez, or Jibberish as his stage name goes, is now based out of the UAE where he’s pursuing a brighter future for live music in the region.


NEWS - 28. November 2013   ARTIST - Jibberish

Grischa Lichtenberger Live in Bangalore


Grischa Lichtenberger was born in Bielefeld 1983. In 2009 he released his debut EP ~treibgut ununbium on German label Raster-Noton. ~treibgut– a system of references to the river Rhein – operated as a motto for varied expressions: installations, videos, music, painting and drawings. Beginning in 2006, while moving to Düsseldorf, Lichtenberger decided to rethink the artistic process from scratch – its ethical legitimization and it’s epistemological backgrounds – all in regard to the concreteness of the biographical situation in its landscape and history. Since 2008 Grischa Lichtenberger lives in Berlin.


NEWS - 23. November 2013   CITY - Bangalore

Soundcamp at Worldtronics Berlin


Electronic Music and DIY culture from Karachi to Dhaka

The House of World Cultures, Berlin.

It was in August 2012. Ruskin Island close to Colombo, Sri Lanka that SoundCamp came to life : An range musicians and producers from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Germany were invited to spend12 intense days and nights making tracks, building and experimenting with hardware, jamming, hanging out and sharing ideas and inspiration.


NEWS - 22. November 2013   CITY - Berlin Project - About SoundCamp

Border Movement & Indiearth Soundlab


Border Movement & IndiEarth are proud to host SoundLab, scheduled from the 5th – 8th December 2013, in Chennai.

All music artists are encouraged to submit their entries for a chance to take part in this collaborative SoundLab workshop on Digital Music Production and Production Skills.

Conducted by Electro mentors Robot Koch and T.L Mazumdar from Germany, the 4-day workshop will explore areas from composition and production to mixing and live performance.

SoundLab – the 4-day workshop will take place on 5th, 6th & 7th December at The Goethe Institute and 8th December at The Park Hotel, Chennai during the IndiEarth XChange 2013 event.


NEWS - 20. November 2013   CITY - Chennai

Sri Lanka: In the Remix


Remixing is a delicate art. Whilst some of the most scintillating remixes in dance music has resulted from the subtlest of realigning, the slow deconstruction of some our favourite tracks has left equally memorable scars within our psyche.

Yet creativity and the dancefloor don’t always see eye to eye. With that best-of-both-worlds outlook in mind, here’s a brief look at the better remixes to come out of Sri Lanka in the recent the past:


NEWS - 18. November 2013   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Daffy Maestro

Empty Room: Rap in India Pt.2


Ignorance breeds racism and ethnocentrism. And India happens to be home to some of the most racist and ethnocentric people in the world (current Prime Ministerial candidate included). How then can the majority not hate rap? They hate almost everybody African anyway. Some Goan minister just equated Nigerians to cancer. And down here, we’ve got a fucked up, chronic disease of ignoring our own flaws. Along with some other countries dearly in need of a revolution, India should ideally be a hotbed of provocative lyricism, 808s, and loud-as-fuck guitars, but like Ritwik Deshpande points out at the end of his piece, nobody really gives a fuck.


NEWS - 14. November 2013  

Riddim & Coups: The Delhi Sultanate and Begum X Reggae Mixtape


The problem with Delhi Sultanate is that he seems to manage the trick of being everywhere at once. Between Ska Vengers gigs, a slow trickle of Word Sound Power tracks, and the occasional BASSFoundation set, his signature patois is a serious fixture in New Delhi. And though we dig each of these different guises, we have to admit to feeling just a little bit overwhelmed when we stumbled across a new Delhi Sultanate and Begum X reggae mixtape last weekend.


NEWS - 12. November 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Delhi Sultanate

Sandunes: Never Crossing The Bridge


One of the great pratfalls of artistic criticism is that the critic tends to create narratives of his own invention to explain and understand a given work. Unmoored from the artist’s actual intent, these narratives may possess explanatory power while lacking even the faintest hint of truth. And so, it is with some trepidation that we suggest that Sanaya Ardeshir, better known by her stage name, Sandunes must have had a very good idea what she was doing when she decided to title her debut album Ever Bridge .


NEWS - 09. November 2013   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Sandunes

Where Do We Draw The Line?

Ashwin-Babu-Rao-(Inferno)--Piyush-GoswamiAshwin Babu Rao by Piyush Goswami

One of the many tragedies of humankind so far is that true geniuses get completely ignored when they are alive while imitators make big bucks by working on a pre-packaged formula. More than often artistes who have abandoned lives that conform to societal normalcy with faith that music can feed them are left utterly disappointed. And, despite music reverberating in its soils for centuries; the scenario is unfortunately no different in India.


NEWS - 04. November 2013