Sex, Love, and D_Poet


It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with the always compelling D_Poet , and he’s just dropped two new sexy gems for us.Although it’s the second track that he’s straightforwardly tagged “sex”, it’s D_Poet’s remix of Sweatson Klank’s bedroom banger “I Shouldn’t Be Here” that evokes the satin sheets. The remix doesn’t stray too far from the atmospheric tone of the original, but nonetheless manages to improve upon it.


NEWS - 31. October 2013   ARTIST - D_Poet

Noah’s Heark – Little Tree EP


Everything that Pakistan’s Mooshy Moo does comes with minimal fanfare – there’s no social media swarm or a constant barrage of links flying at you from a dozen different directions. All that preceded the ‘Little Tree EP’ was the artwork and lead single, Blue Breathes’. Much of the label is understated, the music as well as the way the net label goes about doing things, so it’s no surprise that Noah’s Heark (Ziyad Habib) makes music that breathes itself into space and operates on just the right side of restraint – an ethos very much the label’s.


NEWS - 28. October 2013   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Noah’s Heark

White Flag Remix Competition

White Flag Remix

Not long ago, we were lamenting the dearth of hip-hop in South Asia here on the pages of Border Movement. Almost as if on cue, Mode Silver  pops up in our Soundcloud feed: a Bangladeshi emcee. Mode Silver is a new name to us, but from the looks of his soundcloud page, he’s been recording rhymes for at least four years. But his latest, White Flag, seems to have succeeded in garnering some merited attention.


NEWS - 23. October 2013   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Mode Silver

Review: Audio Pervert ‘Dark Robot’


Everything but punk built a presence here. Musically, except for some flashes, it has mostly stayed absent. Ethically, it has, unsurprisingly, been a force. Punk has this thing for burrowing its way into the belly of an indie “scene”. Like an umbilical cord which feeds the ethos of survival and growth, because nothing needs a DIY ethic like a fledgling. Yes, there is always the lament for not enough of an anti-establishment voice. Fuck anti-establishment for once. Let there be an establishment first.


NEWS - 21. October 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Audio Pervert

Weekender Mix: Su Real


In preparation for his upcoming NH7 Weekender gigs, GRIND Champion and late night producer of banging bass DJ Su Real has released a 55 minute mixtape. The tape crosses almost as many genres as it has tracks, and shines the spotlight on artists, both Indian and international, that will be playing at Weekenders across the nation this year.


NEWS - 18. October 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Su Real

SoundLab Dhaka – a great investment


From the eyes of the founder of Dhaka Electronica Scene

If someone told me that this was possible even a year back I would have simply ridiculed them. The scene that started from a simple facebook page got a huge moral boost from the timely attention of Border Movement and Goethe Institut in Dhaka. The 5 day residential workshop is without a doubt the best ever investment made for electronic music in Bangladesh. While it had seem like a mess at the beginning it all started to make sense at the end.


NEWS - 17. October 2013   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Dhaka Electronica Scene

Review: Shunya’s ‘O’

Shunya 3

The so-called ‘Asian Underground’ has been very influential in my listening behavior. It was my way of finding out about human geography, culture and of course music. Almost a decade later when I thought I had exhausted Asian electronica and its distinctive ethno feel, it was a pleasure to come across the continuity of sounds in other parts of the world.

Shūnya (AKA Bal Singh) is a Melbourne based electronic and Indian classical musician. He is a self claimed ‘beat nerd’.


NEWS - 16. October 2013   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Shunya


Akaliko Records (1)

The fast changing paradigm of Bangladeshi electronic music is preparing for its transition.

Dhaka’s potential as an EDM producing hub has been realised in a very short time through the help of Facebook groups uniting producers from bedrooms to studios. This small but growing community has one DJ already making waves internationally, regularly performing in his current hometown of Boston. On the other hand there are those who downloaded cheap and easily available software and are making great music in the comfort of their own home. A simple move to getting to know each other’s passionate existence for music has led to endless possibilities which none of us could have fathomed a year ago. While Dhaka-ites are still-hunting for “their sound”, the transition can only be pushed forward with the launch of music labels catering to the niches.


NEWS - 12. October 2013   CITY - Dhaka

Interview: FuzzCulture

_MG_1974 crop

Delhi based alternative act FuzzCulture recently released their debut EP, “Indulge.Divulge”. Just about a year old in this avatar, the duo of Arsh Sharma and Srijan Mahajan have forged an identity by fusing their rock and metal roots with electronic music. In this conversation, they talk about their influences, taking the electronic music route and the experience of playing and experimenting with new sounds.


NEWS - 06. October 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Fuzzculture

Border Movement to host ‘Sound Lab’ in Dhaka with Sasha Perera, BLOT! & Sulk Station


Watch out for footage from both this show and last week’s Pakistani shows soon. All this on Border Movement.

After a more than successful trip to Pakistan as part of a Border Movement initiative to create an evolving and growing network of artists from across South Asia, this weekend will see the very first ‘Sound Lab’ take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


NEWS - 04. October 2013   CITY - Dhaka