Frame/Frame release new video and Ep

We’ve had our eyes on Frame/Frame for a long while now.

Infusing his own brand of minimal electronica into the Delhi scene, Nikhil Kaul specialises in wrenching a variety of sounds out of their comfort zone and into his mix. This probably helped the construction of his achingly catchy new single “Pastels”, which works because it doesn’t adhere to the constraints that an artist pigeonholed into a genre would have to put on him/herself.


NEWS - 30. September 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Frame/ Frame

Border Movement collaborates with Forever South & hosts shows In Pakistan with Gebrüder Teichmann, Moniker & more


One of the main collaborators here at Border Movement is a little collective called ‘Forever South’ from Pakistan. Made up of some of the regions most exciting young producers, it has consistently put out well-produced, experimental, forward thinking and cutting edge releases.


NEWS - 25. September 2013   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Forever South

Review: Fahad Zaman


Fahad Zaman is back.
Signed to Akāliko Records, he has been warming up pretty tight.
And the new single is proof.


NEWS - 23. September 2013   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Fahad Zaman

Empty Room: Rap In India (Or Lack Thereof)

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Meet AP. AP works at a well-known music webzine. His job is to make artist pages for every band mentioned on the site. In order to make these pages, he has to collect paragraph length bios of just about every band or artist that has performed in India – from college bands to festival headliners. His job introduces AP to some obscenely obscure musicians who often remain ignored by indigenous music writers. If there’s one person likely to know about rappers too underground to be noticed outside their own backyards, it’s AP. But on the phone, when I ask him if he has heard any interesting underground rap of Indian origin, his tone is pessimistic. “There are just not enough people making this kind of music,” he says.


NEWS - 18. September 2013  

Review: East Stepper ‘Insignificant Binary’


Rave’s foster children are everywhere. Sub-genres are surging stronger and dying faster than ever. Drum ‘n bass is a fascinating study in this regard, peaking toward the beginning of the millennium and then giving way to evolution more extremely than, arguably, any electronic sub-genre before it. The movement took off over the later years of the nineties, ballooning into its massive own until it went the way of stagnation and eventual (some might say) decay.


NEWS - 15. September 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - East Stepper

The Rise of Alternative Electronica


Last year, a single album made sure that electronica was no more reserved for the party crowd. Till You Appear was a sad, gloomy album meant for lonely people sitting in cold bedrooms with laptops as best friends. The album went viral – well, as viral as you can go in a microscopic scene contained in big-city clubs and bars – and suddenly alternative electronica was cool again.


NEWS - 12. September 2013   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Burning Deck, The

Review: Vru Patel/ ‘Solstice’

Vru Patel - Solstice B

Solstice was my absolute summer treat. Boston based producer Vru Patel returned with an album fusing a wonder of space and science with industrial, ambient and shoe gaze sounds. Previously known for his work under the guises of Knoxband and Solarein, and most recently for the ambient masterpiece ‘Psychosis’, Patel returned with an album of epic futuristic intent.


NEWS - 09. September 2013   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Vru Patel

Disenfranchised in India, The Riot Peddlers and The Nameless


Fellow Border Movement contributor Bhanuj Kappal once wrote about the dearth of hardcore punk bands in the country, despite the city having all the necessary ingredients for a legitimate hardcore scene. Among these ingredients Bhanuj lists, “ugly, over-crowded urban spaces; a rich surplus of police brutality; and a bloated, stagnating mass culture dominated by the bean counters of Bollywood.”


NEWS - 04. September 2013