Video & Review: Pettah Interchange II/ Marketplace

It’s been exactly a year since we last spoke. And this review of Pettah Interchange Marketplace, an unofficial sequel to last year’s incendiary Pettah Interchange, is a decidedly (more) uncompromising look at things, we hope.

To give things some context: we are hard men to please. Although that’s not the best trait to live by or aspire to, wasting your youth away in dingy basements had its perks: A militant, no-frills outlook on music meant that you learnt to live by the most basic of essentials: a dark space, big stacks, an (anti) DJ you can barely make out in the mist and music stripped down to its most base elements.


NEWS - 31. August 2013   CITY - Colombo

Pettah Interchange Marketplace: An expectation exceeding evening of musical marketplace magic


Rays of twilight seeped in through semi-sealed archways that lined the sides of this dimly lit market place. A musty market fragrance took my attention away from the clusters of busy folk, bustling around with walkie-talkies, adjusting lights, fans and benches along the base of what looked like a permanent fixture of this giant hall- a massive platform, flanked by screens, set up for what was to be 2013’s Pettah Interchange.


NEWS - 28. August 2013   CITY - Colombo

Moderat ii – Live: The World Premiere


2 August 2013. This was it.

I’d been wanting to see this band live since I first caught them closing Field Day Festival back in 2010. The only difference this time, was that I wasn’t alone in that thought.

This was the world premiere of their new live show, following the release of their sophomore LP, ‘Moderat II’, and the band hadn’t played a UK show for almost 3 years.


NEWS - 23. August 2013  

Review: Dhaka Electronica Scene Compilation


You’ve probably never tried to party in Dhaka.

I have.

It isn’t easy.

In a country where alcohol is mostly illegal, and in capital city which would envy the power supply of Gorakhpur, residents are often at a loss in their search for the perfect beat.


NEWS - 21. August 2013   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Dhaka Electronica Scene

How The Indie Label Works: Straight From The Horse’s Mouth: Part 2


Perspectives are important in rounding off an opinion. It’s to furnish this fuller perspective that, although all the label owners interviewed were artists themselves, not all of them have been associated with electronic music. To draw representation from a broader spectrum, we spoke to label heads who have fostered musicians of different strains and even to one yet to decide what sort of musician to open his doors to at all.


NEWS - 19. August 2013  

How The Indie Label Works: Straight From The Horse’s Mouth: Part 1


In terms of music sales, there’s no denying that India is a strange market. Film soundtracks (both those in Hindi and in regional languages) and devotional music have a stranglehold on the mainstream, accounting, according to the Indian Music Industry, for nearly seventy five percent of the total physical sales. Even the more popular alternatives (see: ‘indipop’) find themselves overwhelmed by sheer numbers, struggling to stay afloat. Consider then, from this perspective, what demand there’s bound to be for the niche.


NEWS - 15. August 2013  

Flipping Out!


Sarvesh Sickflip Shrivastava tells us a little about what went into his latest release- a two track EP titled ‘Bipolar’. Both tracks are armed with massive bottom-heavy turnarounds to contradict simmering melodic buildups, making them unpredictable indeed– Dancefloors,beware!


NEWS - 12. August 2013   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Sickflip

Review of Calamitunes by the Bicycle Days

A few months ago we featured  an interview with Rahul Ranganath, the guitarist of 2010 hot tip the Bicycle Days, an outfit championed by the Bangalore scene before it went invisible to the world for a few years. At the time, he spoke of how he thought the band members were finally satisfied enough with the evolution of their sound to release their full-length.


NEWS - 07. August 2013   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Bicycle Days

Forget about the mystery, what about the tunes?


How do you make tunes without any hands? Or even a body?

We’re not entirely sure.

But although new-to-the-scene Pippin Pip seems to be an illustrated beatsmith, we hear rumours that the pen-and-ink producer may have a Delhi electronic music veteran whispering production tips into his animated ears.


NEWS - 04. August 2013   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Pippin Pip