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With an unassuming website – that has five zip files, alongside an uncompromising piece of fantastical art – there’s not much that Mooshy Moo seems to give away. It’s a treasure trove, hidden away within the recesses of the internet. Despite its inconspicuousness though, Mooshy Moo actually goes back a fairly long way.

In 2007, when most of Pakistan was still imbibing the ubiquitous, inoffensive pop meanderings of messrs Jal and Atif Aslam, there wasn’t much in the way of independent music floating around. Even though the country was inundated with the idea of music and of musicians, there was a depressing dearth of experimental music – whether in indie or electronic circles. Musicians, both young and old, seemed content with contemporary structures and sounds, looking to get their mugs on a TV screen and ape their heroes than making music that might be deemed challenging.


NEWS - 03. July 2013   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Mooshy Moo

MIA – bring the noize back!


Diaspora all-star M.I.A.’s latest single, Bring The Noize, from her upcoming and ostensibly final album Matangi, is a thoroughly competent club banger.


There are plenty of artists making thoroughly competent club bangers, and M.I.A. – when in top form – can do far more interesting things with her music.


NEWS - 01. July 2013  

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