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You might remember last year’s Pettah Interchange, a watershed episode of the Lankan music underground. Border Movement Sri Lanka’s signature calendar event of the year returns to Colombo on Saturday, 10th August at the Old Town Hall of Pettah. The multidisciplinary gig will feature German electronic duo Skinnerbox, Gaurav of Delhi’s BLOT!, Mumbai’s future garage specialist Sandunes and Colombo’s Asvajit, Kinesthetics 0800, Music Matters Collective, Geve and Sunara.


NEWS - 31. July 2013   CITY - Colombo

Interview: Vinayak^a


Bangalore based Vinayak^a has been making steady and firm strides in the electronic music world in recent times. One of the most forward thinking musicians around today, his live performances are a force to reckon with. What makes him even more interesting is the story of his humble beginnings and the way he continues to remain deep rooted in the tradition and culture inculcated in him during his early years.


NEWS - 29. July 2013   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Vinayak^a

Please Sir, can I have some #MOAR?


Everybody and their mom may know B.L.O.T. member Gaurav Malaker for his pioneering work on the Indian techno scene, but lately, we’ve been seeing a different face of Gaurav.

It all began, as far as we know, at this summer’s Delhi installment of Grime Riot Disco, when Gaurav started bringing a deep, soulful house groove to otherwise tech inspired night. The set was truly transcendent.


NEWS - 26. July 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Gaurav Malaker

Dualist Comes Alive

Jiver Portrait

A challenge when writing about live music is that from time to time, you just want to go to a show and have a few drinks. But you also want to remember everything that happens. And so sometimes, you have to take notes.
I mention this, because in my recent notes, one particular sentence stands out:
“SB ought to be a rock star.”
SB, in this case, is Sahej Bakshi, better known as Dualist Inquiry.


NEWS - 24. July 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Dualist Inquiry

Steppin up the game


Angad Bharaj gives us a sneak peak of his baby – the Steppuh – an assignable MIDI foot-switch, currently in its prototype phase, and the only indigenous controller in the pipes at the moment.
All you laptop aided live-electronica types like myself know the feeling of wanting to map/learn parameters in the box to every possible movable object around you, including your dog or cat.


NEWS - 22. July 2013   CITY - Pune


Originally from Mumbai, Shai Heredia is not only the founder of  Experimenta , an international festival for moving-image art in India,  Shai was also involved in the early years of the infamous Bhavishyavani collective who have brought various forms of cutting edge electronic music to India over the last decade (The Mole, Aquarius Heaven, DOP, Laurent Garnier and Chloe to name just a few).


NEWS - 19. July 2013   CITY - Berlin

DynoMan – In The Studio


Aside from initiating Pakistan’s first electronic music collective that focuses on underground electronic talent [See: Forever South and be inspired], Karachi based- Haamid Rahim aka Dynoman, has been making beats that reflect a distinct South Asian, experimental-electronica vibe. He recently rigged up a brand new live set which we took a little look into:


NEWS - 17. July 2013   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - DynoMan

Space /Ghost’s 24/7


Space/Ghost is a hipster from Dhaka who brings out vibes inspired from a distant land and time. A professional pianist who immersed himself into production very recently, he has been trained in traditional music for a number of years. And, it shows.


NEWS - 14. July 2013   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Space/Ghost

Heems Turns Us On


Turn Me On, the Kevin Lyttle Soca jam, wasn’t released in the United States until 2004. I was lucky though and during my first year of college, in 2001, there was a crazy girl from the islands living down the hall who imported Kevin years before he officially dropped. The track provided the soundtrack to many nights during a period of my life when I routinely got more drunk than I could ever imagine today.


NEWS - 09. July 2013   CITY - Mumbai

Alice in Fusion-Wunderland: South Asian Soundscapes in Berlin


A multicoloured trek from the South Asian sub continent to electronica’s hub of the universe- Berlin: a multi genre palate for multi genred palettes of performances, and a little insight into all of the magic along the way!

Representing the motherland, or here the mother-groups-of-land, Wild City’s- Moniker(Delhi), Colombo’s Asvajit, and Sandunes from Mumbai set out to play 2 gigs in Germany this June. They were joined by the Teichmann brothers of Gebrueder Teichmann, Kabul/Berlin’s Taman Noor and Berlin’s very own- Mother Perera (Jahcoozi’s front lady- Sasha Perera’s DJ project).


NEWS - 07. July 2013   CITY - Berlin

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