Border Movement Double Banger


We’re getting excited! We’ve got a heavy weekend ahead as Border Movement take hold of the reins at Kater Holzig (Berlin) on Thursday night and Fusion Festival (Lärz) two nights later.


NEWS - 25. June 2013   CITY - Berlin

“We Live In A Post-Dubstep Multiverse” : DJ Su-real’s daily Grind

The Grind Together

Over an interview with DJ Su-Real, you immediately slot his answers into two neat piles – on and off record. One of these days he may slip up and let us write in his truly scandalous opinions, but until then what he has to tell us about The Grind ought to tide us over.


NEWS - 24. June 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Moniker (Wild City DJ)

Every Ghetto, Every City: Hauz Khas Village and Gentrification


Rajyasree Sen (a new name to me) has a few things to say about Hauz Khas Village.

You should read her words, but for those not so inclined, she’s largely interested in pointing out that the Village, for all its “alternative” vibe, is little more than a playground for South Delhi’s affluent classes to feel a bit out of the mainstream while consuming the trappings of a lifestyle they outwardly reject.


NEWS - 21. June 2013   CITY - New Delhi

Subcontinental Soundscapes: Moniker, Sandunes & Asvajit to tour Germany


It’s a busy couple of weeks for us.

As the European summer season fast approaches, we will hosting three events across the landscape of our roots, Germany.


NEWS - 19. June 2013   CITY - Berlin ARTIST - Moniker (Wild City DJ)

Treehouse – Past Athena Court

Artwork by Samya Arif

It’s hard to tie together disparate musical movements or motifs without resorting to a kitchen-sink approach. In contemporary electronic music, as a result, it’s often a thankless task finding a release that isn’t considerably incongruous. Even homogeneity at times veers far too much towards blandness – sounds and ideas start to merge into one single blob of disaffection, rendering any intended intricacies completely irrelevant.


NEWS - 14. June 2013   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Treehouse

Party Wounds, Kunal Lodhia and Grime Riot Disco…


Let Grime Riot Disco be your personal fuck you night, whatever your reasons to raise that personal fuck you are. I’m cursing Bombay’s highly fabricated nightlife. And not for its lowest-common-denominator EDM, or that my tastes are now rooted in some characteristic view of what’s alternative. It’s because its venues – take your pick from the Phoenix Mills crowner Tryst to the back alleys in Khar – have gifted me with a deplorable youth. It’s that nauseating existence when you’re forced to keep up with that ex-girlfriend you can’t afford, craven, with chlorine-scented tiles for a backbone and a phone-clock that moves slower every time you look at it.


NEWS - 13. June 2013   CITY - Mumbai

Sandunes Steps To Sexy Sounds


Sandunes just gave us two reasons to thank her.

First, she showed us something new. We’re not sure how we missed Alix Perez’ Annie’s Song, but that was a huge oversight on our part. The original track has the kind of ethereal quality that positions it directly between the bedroom and the dancefloor, evoking a more soulful Autre ne Veut or a more beat driven How to Dress Well. Were it not for Sandunes’ bootleg, we may never have stumbled across this gem.


NEWS - 09. June 2013   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Sandunes

The Darkside


Pakistan has always been home to a musical tradition that’s rich and artists that are proficient enough to rival any on the sub-continent; but underground hip-hop isn’t exactly the genre you’d count amongst the nation’s most inspiring exports. Yet here and there we find gems polished in the unlikeliest of lapidaries, and the Darkside, a trio of Pakistani origin with a tragic story between them, are as talented as many of the older or more experienced near-professional counterparts you’d care to recall from the coasts of America.


NEWS - 07. June 2013   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Darkside, The

Border Movement Lounge Colombo Opening: Review

[pgallery id=”0LIO715S27″ /]

Last Friday night, just minutes before the Goethe Institute Colombo opened its gates to the Border Movement crowd, the monsoon took a short evening break as if perfectly on cue. The depression over the Bay of Bengal held its downpour for a few hours to let the music play. Sunara’s varied set was the soundtrack as the intimate courtyard quickly filled up.

The brightly clad local electronic music scene and stream of Germans and other Colombo-based expats were taken in by Ravi B ‘s deep house grooves before Asvajit’s more tech-house oriented set transformed the vibe so much that guests wondered if they had been transported into a Berlin-style celler rave from the 1990s.

When the music stopped at 11pm the Border Movement’s advocates moved on into the most commonly heard question was ‘ When’s the next party?? When will the Border Movement Lounge open it’s gates next? ‘ With new impetus from the Border Movement lounge, Colombo’s clubbers and music lovers wait in anticipation for Border Movement’s Pettah Interchange Marketplace party in August.

Watch this space to make sure don’t miss what will be Colombo’s electronic music highlight of the summer.


NEWS - 05. June 2013   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Asvajit

New Delhi Mashup Massive


New Delhi Nuttah, a new collaboration between electro-desi beatsmith Nucleya, Menwhopause guitarist I. P. Singh and all around impresario Delhi Sultanate, has surprised us.
Really, it sounds like a set-up to a bad music nerd joke: a hard dubstep producer, an all-out rocker and a revolutionary ska n’ bass vocalist walk into a studio…


NEWS - 03. June 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Nucleya