Bombay Bass For Summer Sun


Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising, but Motionsphere – a collaboration between Sandunes and Paralights – sounds exactly like it ought to. Paralights’ electro-indie sensibility joins seamlessly with the more avant-garde bass of Sandunes. As most of the subcontinent begins to heat up, the track comes at the perfect time; a languid sun drenched tune that begs for a tall beverage of the cold and alcoholic variety, a balcony as the sun goes down, and perhaps a healthy does of existential ennui.


NEWS - 06. May 2013   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Sandunes

Framed City: An Interview With The Creators of Delhi Hectic


Identity is something of an anomaly in this age of digitisation. It’s at the heart of what most storytellers try to retain but a majority tend to lose that human element somewhere in between crunched input and trending technology. Which is what makes Arjun Jassal and Aazar Aanis  Delhi Hectic such a remarkable feat. They are, after all, the blooded veins that pumped life into what many might describe as an ambitious concept–an attempt to ‘cynically laugh at the soul of Delhi,’ a capital under scrutiny, through their own instagram graphic novel.


NEWS - 03. May 2013   CITY - New Delhi

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