Cotton Press Studio: A look inside one of Bombay’s most progressive studios


There’s much to be said about the relationship between the space within which a piece of art is created, and the piece of art itself. The same is true for music. Attribute it to sound proofing, or ambient lighting – music is still only as good as the space within which it’s made.


NEWS - 30. April 2013   CITY - Mumbai

Solving The Bass Case


We first spotted D_Poet through his recent remix of Sulk Station’s Piya II. We had hoped for a fresh new sound in India’s bass music scene, and his latest offering, When Sherlock Got High, suggests that we can count on D_Poet delivering.


NEWS - 29. April 2013   ARTIST - D_Poet

Review: ‘Snafu’ by BLOT


Gaurav Malaker of BLOT is least satisfied with stamping ‘DJ’ on his curriculum vitae. He feverishly works the cranks on his original Ableton Live compositions; his partner-in-tricks, Avinash Kumar engineers striking visual displays. Together they create immersive live experiences that, on their count, have ached India’s nightlife contours to accommodate performances of international acclaim. To think of artists that have as much control over their performances in the Indian electronic blitz, the north star of Indian EDM Dualist Inquiry, frivolous gear junkie Sandunes and Pune’s Big City Harmonics come to mind.


NEWS - 26. April 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - BLOT!

Phon.o India Tour: Venue Change!


50 Weapons & Wild City Presents:
Phon.o (Berlin) & Moniker (Wild City DJ)

Friday 26 April 2013
Grime Riot Disco at H2O Lounge
Entry by list

Saturday 27.April 2013
Out Of The Box, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi
Times: 9pm – 12am
Free entry all night


NEWS - 25. April 2013   ARTIST - PHON.O

Toll Crane – Pink Passport EP

Talha Asim Wynne

Toll Crane is the solo project of Talha Asim Wynne, one of the more prolific musicians of Karachi’s DIY indie and electronic music scene. His work always tends to have a dense metaphorical connection to his city, be it as the member of the noise-pop/shoegaze outfit //orangenoise or with the wild, jazz-inspired eclecticism of his solo venture.


NEWS - 24. April 2013   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Toll Crane

Soul At The Kaur


With no disrespect intended towards the emcees, the big winner on this track is Xitanos. The nigh ungoogleable producer has laced up a track that might well be the best straight ahead hip-hop beat that we’ve ever heard come out of India.


NEWS - 22. April 2013   ARTIST - Manmeet Kaur

Trade Your Guitar For a DAW!


Over the last few years, the bedroom has come to occupy an important, even iconic place in the world of independent music. It’s a place where modern technology meets punk’s DIY ideals to pull down one of the last remaining barriers to making music – access to a recording studio. In that sense, the ‘bedroom’ is only the latest destination in a journey that started with hundreds of small fly-by-night studios that popped up during the garage rock boom of the 60s, with the arrival of punk rock, synthesisers and digital recording as major stops on the way.


NEWS - 19. April 2013   CITY - Pune ARTIST - Castles in the Sky

Big City Life


We got chatting with Rohan Hastak aka – Big City Harmonics, Pune based outfit, fresh out of the oven, promoting a style of music (straight up our street) the surface of which hasn’t yet been scratched by any other setup on the circuit.


NEWS - 16. April 2013   CITY - Pune ARTIST - Big City Harmonics

Treehouse – Ourhouse

Artwork by Samya Arif

Treehouse, an electronic music duo comprising Forever South’s co-founder Bilal Nasir Khan and Danish Lochner, is gearing up to release Past Athena Court very soon through the steadily evolving Karachi-based collective of beatsmiths.


NEWS - 15. April 2013   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Forever South

Jai Paul and the hype via LDN…


In what seems to be the the longest build-up in the history of blog hype and the music industry, Jai Paul has finally unleashed what may or may not be his album over his Bandcamp.


NEWS - 14. April 2013  

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