Space Jams: Sailing forward with Bhavishyavani’s Youngest Recruit


To prick India’s electronic scene is to instigate an unhealthy bout of hyperventilation and rants on its true origins. Luckily, I’ve traced a few artists along that bloodline that speak lucidly, for the music alone. Space Jams, humbly introducing himself as Yohann, is one of those artists – fun loving, laconic, and for the night. He’s a member of the venerated party-squad they call Bhavishyavani Future Soundz.


NEWS - 09. March 2013   CITY - Mumbai

Monkey See, Monkey Do: An Interview With the Creators of Sudershan (Chimpanzee)

Dense. Dark. Detailed. Just a few alliterative adjectives that might describe this utterly immersive graphic tale. Penned by Rajesh Devraj–forever destined to be remembered as the creator of the infamously quirky Quick Gun Murugun–and darkly pencilled out by illustrator , Meren Imchen, this latest graphic novel represents a new breed of creativity in the Indian subcontinent.


NEWS - 06. March 2013   CITY - Mumbai

Behind the rig w/ Sulk Station:


We popped into Bonobo last Sunday for Wild City & WeThePpl’s Sun Sessions, where sunset hour was brought in with Sulk Station; a girl-boy duo, tucked away behind 2 laptops and several knobs, pads and faders – think global bass music meets meaningful melancholy.


NEWS - 04. March 2013   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Sulk Station

The First Wave – Emerging Electronic Musicians of Sri Lanka: Part Six


The most promising producer to emerge out of the Sri Lankan circuit, Asvajit is a finicky architect of sound: a naturally-gifted technician whose output is yet to outshine his potential—this is hardly criticism—armed with the right influences, the right ideas and the right headspace, he has the makings of a star.


NEWS - 01. March 2013   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Asvajit

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