The First Wave – Emerging Electronic Musicians Of Sri Lanka: Part Seven

Fat Gold Chain

Described as virtuoso percussionists, Fat Gold Chain comprises two men who are indeed virtuoso percussionists: Jacob and Kanchana are classically-trained in drums hailing from western Sri Lanka to West Africa, from Dun duns and Breketes to Thummatum. They are also not-so-classically trained in vintage synthesizers and drum machines housed in a padded homemade cell. These two Ghana-trotting, Amaradeva-sampling outlaws hail from Melbourne and Colombo respectively, and are somewhat tried-and-tested hands at the music thing, from playing Australia’s St Kilda and Coburg Music festivals to alongside folk-rock hero Ash Grunwald at WOMADelaide.


NEWS - 29. March 2013   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Fat Gold Chain

Dalt Wisney – Star Eyes EP


A graduate of Red Bull Music Academy as well as founder of indie netlabel Mooshy Moo, Sheryar Hyatt’s (Dalt Wisney) consummate, forward thinking electronica has been a mainstay of Pakistan’s electronic music imagination (when divorced from house or techno) for a while now. Though Pakistan is currently brimming with the sort of music that Hyatt pioneered, it’s still worth noting that his considerable mark on Pakistani electronica provided the stimulants that spurred on Karachi’s current outbreak of musical creativity.


NEWS - 28. March 2013   CITY - Karachi

Decoding Dub Fx


You know you’re special when a corner of Camden market  craves your presence just as badly as a Coachella lineup. When your vocal chords alone allow you to completely transfigure the image of that crazy dude with cymbals perched on his knees and a harmonica slung around his neck; the out-dated euphemism for a one-man band. Or when you can live out an anarchist philosophy with your work ethic, yet still stay relevant to millions of fans who thrive in codification. Simply put–you know you’re special when you’re Benjamin Stanford, sonically revered as Dub FX.


NEWS - 25. March 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Dub FX

Frame/Frame: Rogue


Have we mentioned how much we like Frame/Frame?

In case we haven’t, let us:

We like him a lot.


NEWS - 22. March 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Frame/ Frame

SoundCity13: Berlin Clubnacht in Dhaka


Berlin club culture meets Bengali party culture at SoundCity´13 this weekend in Dhaka.The promoters themselves highlight the lack of alcohol as part of Dhaka’s cultural contribution to the night and encourage punters to turn up ‘tipsy’.


NEWS - 21. March 2013   CITY - Dhaka

Music to escape the winter


The sun is setting earlier these days, nightfall is upon us sooner. The street lights go on, we see each other as silhouettes in cars’ headlights, signifying the end of the productive day. It’s cold outside and we huddle close indoors clinging to music that is warm – Warm synths like a fireplace; a fiery mess of guitars, in layers that blanket us.


NEWS - 20. March 2013  

D_Poet Remix: Sulk Station’s Piya II


We don’t know much about Ahmedabad producer D_Poet except that, according to his SoundCloud profile, he likes bass. Lots of bass. This affinity is evident in his remix of Piya II, one of our favorite tracks from Sulk Station’s fantastic TillYou Appear.


NEWS - 18. March 2013   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Sulk Station

Dualist Inquiry Album Launch


Specter, the lead single off of Dualist Inquiry’s soon to be released LP Doppelganger, leaves us cautiously optimistic for the album. Opening with a mournful prog-rock guitar, the track slowly coalesces around resonating synth drone, and its character emerges as straight-forward hip-hop drums bring us into the first drop. From there on out, we’re almost in standard glitch-hop territory, but something holds us back. That something is what excites us about the track.


NEWS - 14. March 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Dualist Inquiry

All Chins on Deck!


You know you must sound good when you’re manning Gotye’s opening slot, solo. But outside of proficient electro-acoustic performances with, and without his crew, Raxit Tiwari has been making mellow folktronica/indie pop for a fair while now.


NEWS - 13. March 2013   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Your Chin

Getting There: The High Spirits Story


Though official documentation about the place might lead you to believe otherwise, Pune is not quite a city nor is it a town. It’s stuck somewhere in between. Best known outside its boundaries as an educational hub, it’s host to more than a few students from all parts of the country who’ve brought along their own tastes and cultural identities which they’ve thrown into the fray. To aid this influx, the denizens of this place are becoming conscious of underground artforms thanks to the internet. The result is a solid demand for strong independent talent. However, there’s a slump on the supply front.


NEWS - 11. March 2013   CITY - Pune

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