Further Down the Rabbit Hole With Randolph Correia


“Music is the best politics. If you want to make change then singing songs and having people sing your songs with you can actually induce that–you can make that difference.”

Randolph Correia’s stage presence is electrifying–almost wired. It was 18 years ago as the lead guitarist of Pentagram’s crowd-chanting shows and it continues to be today as the guitarist/producer of electro-pop duo Shaa’ir + Func’s strobe-strewn live acts. High octane stuff as it is, you only need to be toe-deep in India’s music scene to know that these are two of the most demiurgic musical acts to emerge from this country. And Randolph, a veteran in these parts.


NEWS - 27. February 2013   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Shaa'ir + Func

Wet Paint

Bombay is a city known for its love affair with the cinema and art. This culture spills onto the chaotic streets, with old film posters glued across the walls of every corner. One quick walk past a traffic signal and you’ll find yourself fending off vendors, chatting with a eunuch, listening to a boy singing a Bollywood tune, all while maneuvering past a cow. As you dodge past taxis and a truck that reads, “Horn OK Please”, you become numb to the symphony of car horns around you. One artist shares her tranquil vision:

1HornNotOK Horn Not OK Please by Jas Charanjiva


NEWS - 25. February 2013   CITY - Mumbai

Interview with Lifafa


Peter Cat Recording Co have a longstanding history of not giving a fuck. The New Delhi hemp jazz outfit is perhaps the most experimental band in the country, but they do what they do so well, they get away with it. In tradition with the Peter Cat way of doing what everyone least expects you to, frontman Suryakanth Sawhney recently unveiled a solo electronic project titled Lifafa. I called him up to investigate.


NEWS - 21. February 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Lifafa

Richie Hawtin to tour India this week


Although technically a Canadian, Richie Hawtin is a name that will forever be associated with putting Detroit on the dance music map along with fellow Detroit pioneer Carl Craig. The DJ, producer and record label owner is based in Berlin/ Germany and a true techno modernist. He has over the years created a unique techno sound as well as one of techno’s most revered projects; Plastikman.


NEWS - 20. February 2013   CITY - Berlin

Review & Interview: Arjun Vagale’s Re: Focus At BlueFROG


In all honesty, it’s always sounded slightly presumptuous to me how the parameters for acclaim in electronica, the world over, are so vague.

It’s common practice to cramp jockeys into one encompassing be all/end all list regardless of the genre of music they spin – for instance, music (now) as disparate as acid techno, micro house and two step garage is lumped into a one-size-fits-all bracket and judged mostly off personal preference. You’ll excuse me, then, for being more than slightly skeptical of Re: Focus (the solo effort of Jalebee Cartel crusader Arjun Vagale), branded ahead of a brimming show at Mumbai giant blueFROG as nothing short of a definitive dance experience.


NEWS -   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Arjun Vagale

Sound, Art & Technology Festival Kicks Off This Week In Delhi


“The Sound, Art and Technology (S.A.T) festival is inspired from collaboration, to creativity, culture, tradition and technology.”

Kicking off later this week, it will promote innovative art practices, discussions and live performances in an effort to bring fast disappearing musical traditions such as folk music, to the contemporary performance space through its interaction with technology.


NEWS - 19. February 2013   CITY - New Delhi

Forever South: Pakistan’s Inimitable Electronica Collective Release Free Compilation


Forever South is one of Pakistan’s leading electronic music collectives, spearheaded by Haamid Rahim a.k.a Dynoman and Bilal Nasir Khan (also a beat-maker under the ‘Rudoh’ moniker). Both are thrilling producers, one of which recently came out with one of the region’s most exciting debuts. Produced by Dynoman, it’s called ‘Naubahar’. You can read a review of it here and listen to it in full here.


NEWS - 18. February 2013   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Forever South

Review: Soundcamp/ UnBox Edition/ 2013

Forward thinking, art inspiring and learning oriented technology-meets-art-meets-design-meets-journalism (and more) platform: The UnBox Festival – was the most unconventional convention and the perfect spot for the second edition of SoundCamp.


NEWS - 15. February 2013   CITY - New Delhi Project - SoundCamp - The UnBox Edition

Review: Maarion Elsz – Chasing Rainbows


Putting yourself out there can be a polarizing experience.

I used to sporadically research the work of Joanna Newsom, and this was the fundamental observation. When the unfortunate subjects of this research (i.e. my more unsuspecting friends), were made to sit through “Peach, Plum, Pear”, half of them unfurled in a gag reflex so immediate and overwhelming. The other half however, professed that it was the most disarming musical experience of their lives.


NEWS - 14. February 2013   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Maarion Elsz

Straight from the Campsite#2


Tools, toys and tech-talk from Soundcamp at Unbox Festival, 2012.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to press colourful buttons that make sounds (be honest, you would do it for a living if you could), then stumbling into Soundcamp’s soundlabs at The Unbox Festival would have been nothing short of the best thing that happened to you this year.


NEWS - 11. February 2013   CITY - New Delhi Project - SoundCamp - The UnBox Edition

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