UnBox 2013: “Less of a conference, more of a festival”


UnBox Festival has returned this year and with a new approach: “Less of a Conference, More of a Festival”.

We’ve been bumping into bright sparky creative fellows all over the shop in Delhi, and have been loving the hands-on approach to events. We even contributed to the Absolut Artisanal Bar with some vodka infusions of our own put together under the watchful eye of PCO’s master mixologist.


NEWS - 31. January 2013   CITY - New Delhi

Review: One Love/ Pune Reggae Fest/ Day One


To Pune shufflers and scenesters who can afford it, such as they may be, the High Spirits has become (with a couple of other, slightly less popular venues all located in or around Koregaon Park – the despondent culmination of Pune’s crippled nightlife) a byword for weekend revelry.


NEWS - 29. January 2013   CITY - Pune ARTIST - Sidd Coutto

CTM.13 – The Golden Age


Festival for Adventurous Music and Art
28th Jan – 3rd Feb 2013, Berlin

Dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music CTM has established itself at the forefront when combining club culture and sound art. Since it’s first edition in 1999 the festival has drawn both clubbers, artists and academics to the the German capital annually.


NEWS - 28. January 2013   CITY - Berlin

Wild City Presents: Doc Daneeka (50 Weapons, Berlin), M.Mat & Moniker


This February Wild City is proud to present the debut Indian tour of Doc Daneeka a.k.a Mial Watkins, one of Wales’ only bass music producers based in Berlin.


NEWS -   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Doc Daneeka

Making Waves: India Surf Festival 2013

The spirit of the event is to encourage ONENESS of all kinds of surfers and experiment sharing the wisdom pools that allow us to become changemakers.” – Sanjay Samantaray aka Sampu, Founder of ISF.


NEWS - 26. January 2013  

Understanding The Indie Underbelly Of Madras


“The thing about those guys”, the scrawny club owner said to me, “is that they come out of nowhere with a great album, and everyone goes nuts. And then their parents ship them off to college, and you never hear of them again.” It was a breezy evening in Bangalore, and the gig I had come to watch had gone down well: the man was obviously pleased with his club’s prospects, and this made him open up to me. We’d carried on a bit about the Indian scene, and some of the problems that come with hosting live music that was still largely a novelty in the country. And then, I had brought up the subject of bands from Chennai.


NEWS - 25. January 2013   CITY - Chennai ARTIST - Shakey Rays, The

Review: Oh My Goat!/ Colombo


In our preview post about the event, the premise had been set, and the problem had been defined. And in search of another cave of bliss, coupled with hopefully good music this time, we embarked in to the unknown. The destination: an audiovisual nest at the heart of Colombo. In short, the bar was set high. Let’s cut to the chase:


NEWS - 23. January 2013   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Bang Bang

A Brief History of 2012 in Indian Indie Music by The Knife


The year has ended and the world is technically still here, and we’re still at gigs; and still driving down long roads with the sun in our eyes, listening to music that’s over a decade old, holding onto parts of our lives that barely even belong to us anymore. This has been the year that we learnt to fight back (and loudly), using opinions as weapons. As a country, as a scene, as individuals.


NEWS - 21. January 2013  

The Rise Of Electronic Music In Kolkata: Part Three


Realizing that in the music timeline this is the point where a new breed of sound-makers emerge we decided to showcase the ones who have dedicated themselves to being Electronic Music Producers.


NEWS - 18. January 2013   CITY - Kolkata

Review: Snoop Dogg in Pune

Snoop Dogg live in Amanora Park Town/ Pune, Jan.11th 2013

Halfway through Friday night’s Snooptacle they played Hero (I’m not sure that’s the actual title of the song, or really care), and the Lion began to shuffle around the stage like a pubescent cub, as expressionless as endearing. Not the Enrique Hero, mind – aim lower, aim Bollywood, aim Mika Singh.


NEWS - 16. January 2013   CITY - Pune

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