The End of the Beginning

This post is dedicated to readers and writers, followers, friends and partners of Border Movement!

It’s been an exciting start for us with the launch of the blog, SoundCamp in Sri Lanka, Pettah Interchange party in Colombo ,the Urban Melas in Mumbai and Delhi and of course some groundbreaking coverage of what is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of South Asian electronic music.

Thank You!

Life is too short for boring music and we have a lot more coming in 2013 : watch this space…

Happy New Year!

Gerriet Schultz
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NEWS - 31. December 2012   CITY - Berlin

The Re-Emergence of Charanjit Singh

It’s as Bollywood a moment as any – Charanjit Singh, the 72-year-old anachronistic pioneering producer of acid house, Bollywood musician and composer, teases his wife about the attention he received from 20-something girls on the eve of his first club gig in Europe. “In Brussels, several fans queued up to get their vinyl autographed,” he says. “One girl, [makes a gesture with his hands], held the vinyl across her chest and asked me to sign it while she held it there.” Singh nudges me, points to his partner Suparna and laughs heartily. When I turn to look at her, the usually loud, confident and outspoken lady looks away, embarrassed and shy.


NEWS - 26. December 2012   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Charanjit Singh

In the soundlab w/ Kini Rao

Big props to these production chops! Kini Rao – spanning deep house to techno, lets us take a sneak peek into her studio to see how it’s done. With crisp mixes and banging beats, her (tried and tested – what with 4 releases under her belt) formula has been proven to churn out top shelf tunes.


NEWS - 24. December 2012   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Kini Rao

The First Wave – Emerging Electronic Musicians Of Sri Lanka: Part Five

Isuru Kumarasinghe

It feels like we are moving towards the cold parts, the abstract. Yet Isuru’s music is immediate, confronting: “A person and a bench” carries the impending sound of a distant yet not-so-distant Tsunami. The track which has a field-recoded quality to it, packs enough muscle to disturb a Funktion One rig. “Bipolar” is equally engulfing but more measured, existing somewhere between the fever of Bee Mask and the burning cinema of Fennesz. “Archetype reflection” pushes his Bee Mask towards Antarctica, plinking into a Heroic siege.


NEWS - 21. December 2012   CITY - Colombo

‘Live-electronica’ ? breaking down the concept w/ ViceVersa

With so many DJs switching over to ‘live-electronica artists’ once they’ve hit the producers chair, the question of what you’re actually listening to, can get a bit muddy- Original productions or simply dropping someone else’s tunes? Both could seem suspiciously similar, and are hence conveniently clubbed into the same category. The term, ‘Live-electronica’ however, draws plenty of intrigue from a rich mix of listeners as to what the hell is going on behind that laptop.


NEWS - 20. December 2012   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Vice Versa

Sort of Revolution: Fink & The Staves live at Liberty Cinema

It’s been a good year for Mumbai in terms of breaking out of the usual gig-circuit – fashioning venues out of old Marathi studios to host crowdfunded DIY events, the emergence of tiny new spaces hosting open mic nights, the utilization of erstwhile seedy-clubs as party spaces. In the latter half of this year, a single-screen theatre as old as independent India quietly stepped in and established itself as the gig venue we had needed so badly. It’s a need we had long given up on and forgotten we’d ever had – being able to purely experience indoor gigs; without omnipresent, uninterested diners filling half the room.


NEWS - 19. December 2012   CITY - Mumbai

OH.MY.GOAT! by BANGBANG, Friday 21 December in Colombo

Sri Lanka throws good parties.

Ask anyone who knows anyone in the island, and they will likely tell you the exact opposite — the parties are not always what you’d call good, with the expectations often mismanaged, the ‘ratios’ off the scales, the music not properly EQ’d, the door policies bigoted, and somewhere in the crowd, a sinister minister is busy shooting at the sky. Disappointed? Don’t be. As the friendly folk at Lonely Planet will remind you, that’s only half the story.


NEWS - 18. December 2012   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Asvajit

Bristol to Bombay: An Interview With Koan Sound

There was a time India seemed destined to remain a tour destination for has-been rockstars (Axl Rose being the latest in a long line of them) or artists with undeniable commercial viability. In other words, the promise to rake in profits that would make even our exorbitant entertainment tax rates seem laughable. The past year or 2 however, has shown signs of a tectonic shift. One that’s given a growing underground audience the chance to hear everyone from Fink to Michal Menert to Mux Mool in quality Indian venues.


NEWS - 17. December 2012   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Koan Sound

Berliner’s iLLbiLLY HiTEC Rock India On Route To The NH7 Bangalore

Alex of iLLBiLLY HiTEC seemed chagrined when I slipped him my usual opening question, asking what he thought of the sound at the venue. “I don’t know. I didn’t hear. Was on-stage,” he said, pointing to his cans in case I hadn’t noticed, the way Germans say these things. “But I did realize something – people weren’t coming up to the front to dance, they’d dance around both sides of us, left and right, but nobody wanted to be the guy dancing up front.” As a practiced background shuffler on awkward feet, I nodded somewhat hypocritically.


NEWS - 14. December 2012   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - iLLbiLLY HiTEC

Skype, Helmholtz and the missing half second

In the Skype performance Embedded Phase Delay about the ›missing half second‹ – a theory of the German physician Hermann von Helmholtz 1851 – the medial intervention of two musicians and a dancer explore rhythmic resonances between three locations.


NEWS - 13. December 2012   CITY - Bangalore

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