NH7 Weekender Pune – Review

I can’t help but feel a little strange that this year’s NH7 Weekender snags nowhere in my memory. Plastered between embarrassing patches of sobriety, Weekender 2011 truly was happy in every way – fabulous phantom lapses intimately trailed last year’s fest to leave me feeling a warmth and fuzz well beyond its three day duration.

But it’s 2012, and I remember everything about this one.


NEWS - 14. November 2012   CITY - Pune

Tunes in the Dunes

This November the dunes of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, will play host to the very first edition of Ragasthan. A three-day festival featuring music, film, art, photography and outdoor activities such as sand-surfing, zorbing and dune-boarding.

In an attempt to promote both local and international tourism to the region of Rajasthan, it aims to showcase various genres of music over its three stages. As well as the above mentioned activities, attendees will be be able to enjoy paintballing, kite-surfing, hot-air ballooning and even RC car rides. There will also be a film tent screening films with directors present for discussion.


NEWS - 13. November 2012   ARTIST - Mother Perera

The rise of Electronic Music in Lahore

It is hard to say that electronic music isn’t misconstrued. Most people see the genre as possessing little artistic merit, and as a specious caricature of the love for dance music in a wide-reaching hedonistic party scene. But factors like producers, DJs, promoters and even clubs have a very significant role to play in lending credibility to this genre, especially when it is meant to be associated with a particular place and time. Unfortunately for both Pakistani indie and electronic music, there is a serious dearth of all these things: bookers and promoters, labels, venues, festivals – the works. The economic and security circumstances here aren’t exactly favorable towards the possibility of a thriving scene either. In a way, this genre does not exist for the majority of Pakistani population – merely for those who can afford to delve into it – so a gap remains, waiting to be filled by whoever is interested. Any hope one might have of encountering a pulsating nightlife in the country, particularly in Lahore, is made redundant by a unique brand of conservatism prevalent in the local music scenes.


NEWS - 11. November 2012   CITY - Lahore

Politics of Song With The Ska Vengers’ Debut Album

The risk any band runs by marrying their music with themes that involve social commentary is that the messages, more often than not, ring hollow. A sexually-charged song such as ‘Rough and Mean’ can be misconstrued as the means to stir up a storm, seeing how India reacts to anything that involves the public mention of sex, in spite of being a country that procreates at a rate faster than that of rabbits. However, The Ska Vengers’ new album manages to address profound and impactful social causes with a lyrical naiveté that dares the listener to refuse to take life as it comes and get caught up in a larger scheme of things, while discarding de rigueur bullshit and everyday clutter of modern living.


NEWS - 08. November 2012   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - The Ska Vengers

Decoding Emote: The Guerilla-Styled Poster Child

Sometime last year a polychromatic phenomenon hit India’s underground music scene. And though we know you’re expecting an aural anecdote of sorts here, this one was all visual. Armed with a guerilla-styled poster campaign and a plan to get noticed the 22-year-old designer in question gave a face to the bass, a notion to our motion and other things that rhyme. Noticed he was, so on a whirlwind trip to the country’s capital, the time seemed ripe to meet Hriday Nagu, the design mastermind behind his solo project Emote.


NEWS - 06. November 2012   CITY - New Delhi

Wild City Launch Kini Rao’s Latest EP Alongside Mother Perera

On 9 November, Border Movement partners, Wild City will be hosting the official Delhi launch for Kini Rao’s latest ‘Chalk Farm’ EP. Playing alongside her will be Berlin’s Mother Perera, frontlady of 3-piece dub/electronica outfit, Jahcoozi.

Most of you should have already heard of Kini Rao. She’s a producer that people around the country are getting excited about and rightly so. With four releases already under her belt on respected labels such as Maktub and Whose Haus, Kini is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Her sublime ‘Chalk Farm EP’ was released on Twisted Frequency on 15 October 2012.


NEWS - 05. November 2012   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Kini Rao

Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat

Charajit Singh to tour UK/ Europe this month

Most of you are likely to be familiar with Charanjit Singh’s 1982 proto-house album ‘10 Ragas To A Disco Beat‘ which in 2010 caused a stir in the world of dance and electronic music.

An album that sounded like acid house recorded in Bombay in 1982, 5 years before the first recorded Chicago and Detroit releases, it was remarkably forward thinking. Considering that most people pinpoint the birth of acid to Phuture’s 1987 classic ‘Acid Tracks’, ’10 Ragas To A Disco Beat’ is a historical LP. Some were even convinced it was a hoax by Aphex Twin or Ceephax Acid Crew.


NEWS - 04. November 2012  

NH7 Hits Pune This Weekend

The third edition of “India’s happiest music festival” is back and has grown three times its size this year, spreading out of its home in Pune to provide fans in Bangalore and Delhi with their very own festival experience.

Featuring six stages in each city dedicated to a specific genre and experience, punters can enjoy a mixture of dance, electronica, folk, fusion, rock, metal, dubstep, drum and bass and reggae. As an addition from previous years, there will be the Fully Fantastic Stage, curated by NH7.in, featuring their favourite upcoming artists and bands. Another addition will be the Bacardi Breezer area which promises to be a bright space full of colour, costumes and music to make you move.


NEWS - 01. November 2012   CITY - Pune

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