Exploring organic-city with ‘Mode 7’ – Raffael Kably’s experimental playground

Undeniably, we live in the internet age- also the age of the ‘bedroom producer’. Yes, a slightly over-used (and majorly misunderstood) term, but it doesn’t change the fact that most of what today’s scene is churning out, was made in someone’s bedroom (just like you and me).
Being one myself, I found Raffael Kably’s production process- super refreshing to hear about. Finally- someone releasing ‘experimental’ music in an honest form- minus all the jargon (musical or otherwise). Clearly a fan of ‘music’ and not just an audio junkie- Tips and tricks from his cave (read: studio) will surprise you.


NEWS - 31. October 2012   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Mode 7

Zoo – The Attic Sessions

Zoo isn’t a new act, per se. In fact, one could argue that they’ve just – like a multitude of other artists coming out of Bengal and the north-eastern part of India – been underrepresented. But our geographically separated cousins are only part of a segment of musicians that are slightly too left of center for the chic urban mainstream-indie (as I like to call it) to stomach. These are the people championing the ‘indie scene’ which, as Rahul Giri of Sulk Station puts it, ‘are comprised of artists who are basically the very antonym of independent, and haven’t seen the inside of a small local venue in ages’.


NEWS - 29. October 2012   CITY - Kolkata ARTIST - Zoo

BLOT & Jahcoozi Collaborate for the Delhi Urban Mela

This Saturday will see delegates, officials, diplomats, VIPs and VVIPs alongside the general public watch the opening of the Indo-German Urban Mela in New Delhi. The launch will be celebrated with what is anticipated to be a pretty spectacular show, definitely not what you’d expect in the midst of this conservative affair. (For those of you out of the loop, the Urban Mela is made up of 16 specially made pavilions that showcase solutions for sustainable urban living and has been travelling around cities in India as part of Germany’s year in India. )


NEWS - 25. October 2012   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Jahcoozi

The Indo-German Urban Mela Heads To New Delhi

The Indo-Germa Urban Mela has been busy over the last seven months travelling around India, making stops in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. This weekend it opens in Delhi and from a glance at the programming, we anticipate it to be the best so far in terms of its solid yet diverse series of events and performances.


NEWS - 24. October 2012   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - BLOT!

Forever South Interview

If there’s something distinctly lacking in Pakistani indie/electronic music, it’s the presence of labels or promoters or clubs. It’s a vacuum that no one’s particularly tried to step up and fill – though economic and security circumstances in Pakistan would hardly seem conducive to it. Last year, a collective made up of Karachi-based electronic musicians, Karachi Detour Rampage, put on one blistering live show and then ostensibly dissipated. Their dormancy created the void that allowed another collective to step up and assume responsibility.


NEWS - 23. October 2012   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Forever South

Geve’s Groove

With Spillage Geve, the hyperactive and ‘good-sound’ soul of the Bang Bang crew based in Colombo has just released a long awaited mix. This dark and at times even spooky mix takes the listener on an extremely groovy sonic walk through a carefully kept psy-fi forest of clearly defined beats somehow overgrown with wild and abstract atmospheric textures.


NEWS - 21. October 2012   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Geve

Listen: Islamabad Based Asfandyar Khan’s Charming EP

Asfandyar Khan is a musician currently based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Inspired by the likes of Matthew Robert Cooper, Brian Eno, Tim Hecker and Keith Fullerton Whitman, his guitar-based ambient music consists of serene soundscapes that steadily make their way to gorgeous build-ups and intense crescendos as they suspend in your subconscious.


NEWS - 18. October 2012  

Is the German Club Scene dying?

Since months one issue dominates the club scene in Germany: The dispute between GEMA (Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights) and club owners, DJs and guests. The reason for this is the new tariff system for the playback of sound storage mediums scheduled for 1st April, 2013 – and that’s not some kind of April Fool’s joke. At first the new system was intented for 1st January, 2013 – a first sign of concession to the clubs on the part of GEMA. But for most people that’s not enough, due to the fact that GEMA charges will rise up to 1000 percent in a few number of cases. Hardly surprising that many club owners think that their economic survival is imperiled.


NEWS - 15. October 2012   CITY - Berlin

DynoMan – Naubahar

It’s a hard task trying to invoke local colour into your music if you’ve grown up surrounded by ‘Western’ music and musical ideals. There’s a reason why fusion is such a hard genre to pull off; why a half-baked attempt at marrying an Eastern sound with a Western sound is so easily discernable and subsequently deplorable. Fusion also ends up being an easy sell, an easy point of reference – an easy attempt at trying to sound different. It ends up being a dishonest plea towards a unique sound, an attempt by musicians to goad the listener into giving them an unwarranted chance.


NEWS - 14. October 2012   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - DynoMan

Of Chins

It’s like this: you’re at Control ALT Delete, an endearingly crowdfunded mishmash of some of the youngest and oldest that indie Mumbai has to offer (with some token representation from the capital). You’re sweated into a few hundred ‘scenesters’, many of whom, like you, have heard of and are about to hear Your Chin only today. Some feign otherwise. Some have hunched over their PCs the week past looking up the artists they’re going to see (as I admittedly should have), and are now familiar with the debut EP of the only electronic act on the programme.


NEWS - 11. October 2012   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Your Chin

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