Mumbai´s Fight For Their Right To EDM Part Two: Dhoble Is Done

The reign of terror is over.

News has recently emerged of Mumbai’s newly posted police commissioner Satyapal Singh supervising Dhoble, the city’s controversial assistant police commissioner, to report to the crime branch rather than him directly. Arup Patnaik, the now “transferred” commissioner had previously taken the branch under his control, whilst giving immense power to Dhoble, even as the nationwide outrage surrounding him was in full force. What this essentially meant was that Dhoble had free reign to act as he did.


NEWS - 11. September 2012   CITY - Mumbai

PCRC presents: Love Demon

New Delhi based “gypsy jazz/ballroom waltz/midnight moonlight/car chase soundtrack” band Peter Cat Recording Co. (pcrc) have recently released a film titled ‘Love Demon’. Edited by frontman Suryakant Sawhney, the 52minute film features footage from their 9000 mile tour around Goa, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai, with a lot of the footage based in their car.


NEWS - 10. September 2012   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Peter Cat Recording Co.

Sunburn Heads To Sri Lanka With Afrojack

News has recently emerged of Sunburn Festival, now in its sixth year at long time home of Goa partnering with Citrus Group, Sri Lanka’s fastest growing leisure group, to create Sunburn Colombo, the first ‘international’ edition of the festival.


NEWS - 07. September 2012   CITY - Colombo

Sound Camp South Asia 2012 Summary

[pgallery id=”NO4M17AWB1″ /]

From 27th July to 12th August 2012 a selection of 10 South Asian and 7 German electronic music artists spent two weeks of creative time together at Ruskin Island/ Sri Lanka to exchange their knowledge and ideas, form alliances and work together.


NEWS - 06. September 2012   CITY - Colombo

Mixtape 002: The Monitor Lizards

Live Jam by Raumagent Alpha, Jackmate, Andi & Hannes Teichmann
remixed on the fly by Asvajit on an A&H DB4 Mixer
@ the SoundCamp Analog House, Ruskin Island, Sri Lanka, August 2012.


NEWS - 04. September 2012   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - The Monitor Lizards Project - Sound Camp 2012 South Asia

Fuzzculture Drops Godzilla

Delhi based electronic duo FuzzCulture may not be a familiar name on the circuit yet.
But with the recent dropping of their latest track “Godzilla!!”, it does look likely that they should soon be building up a case for themselves. Beginning on a sparse industrial influenced intro before breaking out into spaced out echoes of a punctuated voice (What I want you to know/Is I’m not here), “Godzilla!!” may not be an attention whoring track, but it is titillating enough to prod you to dig deeper and discover more about FuzzCulture.


NEWS - 03. September 2012   CITY - New Delhi

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