Sound Camp Day Three

Rahul Anand



NEWS - 31. July 2012   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Rahul Anand Project - Sound Camp 2012 South Asia

Sound Camp Day Two

Berlin to Colombo

Preparations for the upcoming Sound Camp party in Colombo Fort on August 11th are already rolling.
As it became difficult to find a decent club in Colombo where we could realize the music, ideas and atmosphere we had in mind, Sound Camp decided to do the whole thing Berlin style instead : i.e. bring an old, empty, disused building back to life by doing a one off party.
Underground, overground, whatever you want to call it this certainly is club history in the making at that in a very old and historical part of town.


NEWS - 29. July 2012   CITY - Colombo Project - Sound Camp 2012 South Asia

Sound Camp Day One

After building up and connecting equipment in the studios, the artists spent the afternoon in the garden of Tea House Studio slowly getting to know each other while chilling on bamboo matts and listening to one another’s tracks over the soundsystem.

It was incredible to hear so much diverse music amoungst the participants and make the collaborations that’ll happen over the next couple of weeks seem more exciting, promising and real than ever before.

Let the process begin ….

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Gaurav from BLOT! played some new tunes:


NEWS - 28. July 2012   CITY - Colombo Project - Sound Camp 2012 South Asia

Welcome to Sound Camp South Asia 2012

DAY ONE: Just arrived…watch this space…

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NEWS -   CITY - Colombo

Flash Flood

In an electronic scene whitewashed with mainstream antics, it’s hard to separate the ‘counter culture’ from the proverbial black and white. Which is precisely why the Flux Initiative hopes to flood our streets with the good word… ” flood them with colour”.

Varun Patra, a 21-year old newfound DJ from Mumbai, understands that his title won’t be much to brag about anytime soon. It’s 2012 and there’s a DJ around every corner of the city, all of which are ‘pioneers’ in their own right.

“Even if you try to shift your sets around and put new genres on the table, people are always quick to classify your style into some broad category” he broods. “Which is why we try to stay one step ahead.”That’s when Varun sought camaraderie – spinning with close friend Paloma Monnappa – the twowould adopt the moniker ‘AlgoRhythm’ and throw down their favourite indie/nu-disco tunes at a reserved nightspot in Mumbai, Cool Chef Café.


NEWS - 27. July 2012   CITY - Mumbai

Hikkafest South Coast Weekend

27th – 29th July 2012 /Hikkaduwa/ Sri Lanka

It’s during the long summer vacations in Europe and America in July and August, that Colombo nightlife really awakens from its hibernation. The clubs and bars are swarming with visiting locals currently living abroad, tourists, party-goers and students returning from their respective universities to reunite with their old friends. Tiring quickly of the of the same old choices in the city, these hedonistic gangs eventually head out of town to dance in the sand and play in the sea.


NEWS - 26. July 2012   CITY - Colombo

Coming Full Circle: Mumbai’s Fight for Their Right to EDM

A  Jewel Lost
Around 1851, India lost its most prized jewel. A behemoth of a diamond–105 carats post cutting–that shone like a hundred moons upon an inky sea. The Moghul era’s Kohinoor diamond, or the ‘King of Jewels’ as its homonym came to be known, was no stranger to repeated repossession. Violently looted time and again by mercurial rulers who tended to suffer devastating defeats soon after, it suffered its pitiful fate silently. In case you’re wondering where this dissertation-esque speech on some ancient stone is leading you, I promise, I have a point.


NEWS - 25. July 2012   CITY - Mumbai

The Uptown-Downtown Primer

At Border Movement, we’re interested in the way that music evolves and spreads; across globes, across countries, across cultures, communities, and classes. And we save “classes” for the last item on the list because without transmission across classes, the other forms of musical exchange often don’t occur.


NEWS - 24. July 2012  

Sri Lanka 3 Years on

On his travels around the globe the 25-year-old award winning photographer and visual anthropologist James Morgan stopped over in Sri Lanka in early 2012.His ethnographic photo essay explores the multiple layers of reality that make up life in Sri Lanka today, three years after the war was ended.

[pgallery id=”XH7B91F376″ /]

The highly aesthetic images often reflect a mixture of hope and pain that divides and unites people across regions and religious barriers.

It is a comprehensive visual introduction into the complex social and political realities that only needs a few intimate images to tell the moving human stories that take place daily across the island and are commonly left out the standard paradise imagery of boutique beaches, wildlife and ancient ruins.

written by Bounty Insideout/ Colombo



NEWS - 21. July 2012   CITY - Colombo

Bangalore based Sulk Station collaborate with Hamburg based Skyence

Hamburg based producer Skyence has recently joined forces with Bangalore based Tanvi Rao, also the vocalist for one of the India’s most exciting electronic acts, Sulk Station.

Comprised of 4 tracks and titled  `Stuck In Time´(also the name of the title track featuring Tanvi), his latest EP floats “through a variety of spheres within the Skyence universe”, taking in influence from visionary producers such as Nosaj Thing and Amon Tobin.

You can stream the entire Skyence EP, alongside a host of his other tracks over on his SoundCloud here and hear the collaboration with Tanvi Rao below:


NEWS - 19. July 2012   CITY - Hamburg ARTIST - Sulk Station

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