Wild Water Kingdom by Heems

Punjabi American emcee and Das Racist member Heems just dropped his new mixtape, Wild Water Kingdom, Heems second mixtape of the year, which features guests like Childish Gambino and Lakutis and production from LE1F, Crookers, and others, also has a special Indian surprise: American desi producer Lushlife samples last year’s surprise Tamil film hit Kolaveri Di for the track Soup Boys.

Over Lushlife’s occasionally repetitive beat, Heems holds forth on drugs, sex, and drone attacks. Soup Boys isn’t the highlight of the mixtape – that distinction may be held by the Childish Gambino featuring Tell Me – but it’s a nice trip back to a pop track that we all forgot about a week after it dropped.

Heems will be making his New Delhi debut on Wednesday, 19th December at the small, dark, and highly addictive new GK1 venue, Cocaine. Warm-up action will be provided by ︻╦╤─ The TRAP ─╤╦︻  DJs Su-Real and Flash Hardcor. We’re pretty excited to find out what kind of non-sequitur intelli-stoner verbal madness will flow from the mic of this Arundhati Roy and Dinesh D’Suza name-dropping emcee. We’re also a bit worried about the quality of jokes that the venue’s name will inevitably provoke.

Entry is free, and drinks are 1+1 all night long.

written by Kerry Harwin

NEWS - 12. December 2012   CITY - New Delhi

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