Happy Waspcore

The boy from Bristol who set up home in Sri Lanka and started making tunes, that’s how the story tells. On his soundcloud page Will Henley a.k.a. Harry Vibes quotes influences such as Roni Size or LTJ Bukem. His productions find themselves in the darker realms of 2-step, Garage, Jungle, DnB as well as the current bass movement that’s taken reign in the UK.

Despite deep historical ties, a large diaspora and an internet connection that should have brought Sri Lanka and the UK sonically closer together,  it is rare to hear such sounds being played on soundsytems in Sri Lanka.  Not quite inline with the sunny beach party vibe that prevails in Colombo’s ravers’ usual melange of Tech-House, House, Progressive or Trance, Harry Vibes is certainly darker and more industrial-sounding in its essence.

His debut DJ set in Sri Lanka was at an intimate Bang Bang crew party at Mount Lavinia beach in August 2012 and saw a crowd who’s ears were not used to Harry Vibes’s sounds and who’s bodies were also unsure of just how to move to them. But  promisingly, they were happy enough to jig about to what was far more grimey and urban-sounding than what they usually hear.  For a minute, the sand of Mount Lavinia and the concrete jungle of London did seem to merge and find common ground.

Unsure of how to classify Harry Vibes most recent production titled Arcade Shuffle, ‘happy waspcore’ is what first springs to mind.  He himself has tagged the track as Breakbeat.  Whatever one feels to call it, it appears to be a good start for someone who claims to only just be learning the ropes in terms of production.

written by Mr.Party Pants

NEWS - 08. October 2012   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Harry Vibes

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