UnBox 2013: “Less of a conference, more of a festival”


UnBox Festival has returned this year and with a new approach: “Less of a Conference, More of a Festival”.

We’ve been bumping into bright sparky creative fellows all over the shop in Delhi, and have been loving the hands-on approach to events. We even contributed to the Absolut Artisanal Bar with some vodka infusions of our own put together under the watchful eye of PCO’s master mixologist.

Last year saw us cloaked and fed at the otherworldly food labyrinth. We explored various shapes and textures in which to consume alcohol at the Absolut liquid lab. Oliver Huntemann turned us all into geeks as we stared in wonder at his performance with the Reactable at the TechnoDrome, and The Light Surgeons mesmerised us with their layers of film projected onto multiple screens from various angles, looped and edited alongside music.

This year again sees a festival that combines a conference with workshops, exhibitions and performances but with greater fluidity between the various elements of UnBox. Taking place over 4 days between the 7-10 February the third edition promises to be more open, vibrant and experiential than ever before.

Using Zorba as the sole venue for the festival the UnBoxer’s have created multiple stages, several work rooms and bespoke lab spaces that will host nearly 100 elements of the programming.

During the day you’ll be able to drop by and soak up the creative atmosphere in the bars and cafes being set up on site, or explore the site and choose a range of ways to engage with the festival. At night a series of performances (yet to be announced) will keep everyone entertained and the Food Labyrinth is back too. We’re most excited about Sound Camp descending upon Delhi which will see artists from across South Asia collaborate and perform on the last day of the festival. A Border Movement initiative.

So hold tight with us for further announcements and if you’re in Delhi be sure to earmark 7-10 February in your calendars. More info on the official Unbox Festival website here.

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NEWS - 31. January 2013   CITY - New Delhi

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