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This November the dunes of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, will play host to the very first edition of Ragasthan. A three-day festival featuring music, film, art, photography and outdoor activities such as sand-surfing, zorbing and dune-boarding.

In an attempt to promote both local and international tourism to the region of Rajasthan, it aims to showcase various genres of music over its three stages. As well as the above mentioned activities, attendees will be be able to enjoy paintballing, kite-surfing, hot-air ballooning and even RC car rides. There will also be a film tent screening films with directors present for discussion.

Scheduled to take place from 16-18 November, the festival has partnered with Exit, Serbia’s world renown music festival which annually plays host to over 150,000. Through this collaboration the event promises to showcase some of the worlds best music, art and production.

That’s not all. Mumbaikars and Delhiites will also have the opportunity to travel down to the festival in the “festival caravan” alongside acts such as Blakc, Spud In The Box, and Tribal Flora from Mumbai and Half Step Down, Chalo Africa and Rajasthan Roots from Delhi. The Delhi coach will also be stopping in Pushkar for a street party organised by the festival (more details here).

” The fresh smell of camel shit! Yeah bring it on! Exciting to be part of the first electronic music festival in Ragastan'” -Mother Perera, Jahcoozi.

“The festival is unique in the sense that it takes place in Jaisalmer, right in the middle of nowhere. It is a camping festival so people will be staying in tents outdoors. It’s not like the usual music festival with a huge LED screen and stuff. The festival will also feature a lot of local, Indian artists, and some ancient, forgotten Rajasthani art-forms”  – Keith Menon, Ragasthan organiser.

16-18 November 2012
The Desert


Line up:

Brahma (Acoustic Set)
Peter Cat Recording Co
The Bicycle Days
Spud in the Box
Family Cheese
Bombay Bassment
Sky Rabbit
Shantanu Pandit
Alisha Pais
Harbour Light
Wineet Tikoo

Shiva Sound System
Mother Perera – (Jahcoozi)
Dualist Enquiry
Tarun Boombaba
Andrei P
Akshai Sarin
San Pedro
Moniker (Wild City DJ)
Funky Bijou

Chalo Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Negra Pradera (Latin Salsa Flamenco)
Chandaan Khan
Bismillah Khan
Ghoomar/Kalbelia Performances
Swarup Khan
Mame Khan

UJALO FILM TENT – Pull yourself a mattress, find yourself a spot, cover yourself with a sheet of stars and sip on free chai while you chat with some amazing film-makers and watch movies out in the open.

Dev Benegal – Road Movie

HATHAI ARTIST ZONE – Feel like sculpting, drawing, colouring or just taking pictures – let those hands work that magic. Elevated artist podiums will give you a birds eye view of the entire festival.

Mosquito Masala Crew – Visuals/Scenography

Harun Robert

SCI-FI/GRAPHIC ZONE – Crazy movie screenings and a chance to create your own superhero stories. Learn Klingon or Elvish or make that extra effort to look out of this world and you never know – you might just be granted citizenship of Ragasthan.

La Jettee/12 Monkeys

Ticket info:
1 Day Pass : Rs 1650 w/ access to after parties / no accommodation
3 Day Pass Rs 4000 w/ access to after parties / no accommodation

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NEWS - 13. November 2012   ARTIST - Mother Perera

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