The Rise Of Electronic Music In Kolkata: Part Three


Realizing that in the music timeline this is the point where a new breed of sound-makers emerge we decided to showcase the ones who have dedicated themselves to being Electronic Music Producers.




The most driven producer in the Kolkata scene would have to be Paracontrol. Still making music on his old Sony hi-fi stereo system, Ritesh has created close to a mind-boggling 200 tracks since he started producing in 2004. Focusing on an obscure style of psychedelic music that came out from Russia in the early 2000s, he has developed a minimal approach to a genre that thrives on maximizing sound.

Known for being Kolkata’s psychedelic jitterbug Ritesh is the first point of contact to a lot of traveling psytrance producers. Little did I realize his influence in the scene till stumbling across an unreleased track on the media center of a fan in Warsaw. Ritesh’s music is finally getting the visibility it deserves as he prepares for 2 compilation releases and an EP debut early this year.


Contra Frequency


Nitesh Batra aka. Contra Frequency came from the DJ fold. Starting in clubs in Bhutan and Assam as a resident in his late teens he shifted to Calcutta hoping it would give him more than drinkers with requests. The city introduced him to psytrance music and culture which he later adopted as his own. Some of the older DJs playing trance initiated him to the production end and he quickly surpassed them with his interest and focus. Picking out progressive trance as his niche Nitesh took a break from DJing to teach himself how to complete tracks.

In 2008 he re-emerged both as DJ and producer Contra Frequency and has been one of the steady risers in the non-resident DJ scene. Currently one of the most sought after independent acts in the city, his sound still holds true to his roots but has been polished with every set to come closer to his goal of ‘a perfect dancefloor journey.’ Being a thorough perfectionist his tracks though heard in the sets, are being constantly reworked for a release on a big label. With his fanbase and visibility growing in an Indian-electronic project alongside vocalist Tritha, it is a much awaited debut.


Mr. Doss


Rishiraj Doss currently in Pune, is one of the cities most talented exports. Like a lot of producers who began in the early 2000s, he started with psytrance. Focusing on the underground subgenres he became a phenomenon in the psychedelic circuit and one of the few producers not recognized as Indian. As his career as Audio Psykosis was blowing up Rishi unpredictably decided to hang his flouro hat and focus completely on Bass Music. Restarting with Indian influenced Dubstep under his own name his tracks were picked out for their deep rooted musical approach, something that came naturally to Rishi, coming from a family of musicians.

Moving to Pune in 2012 brought a big change to his sound pulling him away from the ethnic pool and back to more global sound design. He started working on club friendly vocal Dubstep. Currently recording playback singers from Bombay and San Antonio, Rishi has tapped into the wave of Dubstep in India, combining pop vocals with intricate basslines, punchy stabs and larger than life leads. With the energy he brings to the console both in sound and in person Mr. Doss is a great big hope as the artist from Kolkata who makes it mega.

written by Varun Desai

photo by Sayan Dutta (

NEWS - 18. January 2013   CITY - Kolkata

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