Sunburn Heads To Sri Lanka With Afrojack

News has recently emerged of Sunburn Festival, now in its sixth year at long time home of Goa partnering with Citrus Group, Sri Lanka’s fastest growing leisure group, to create Sunburn Colombo, the first ‘international’ edition of the festival.

Due to take place on 6 October at the CH&FC Grounds in Colombo, headlined by Grammy award winning DJ and producer Afrojack (ranked #30in the list of top earning DJ´s)  alongside other national and international artists, Sunburn Colombo is expected to the a first of its kind for the island.

“Sri Lanka as a market is an untapped vibrant , growing market for consuming entertainment , music and sports products. As a dynamic and diversified entertainment company, Percept is excited to be a part of this growth story . Sunburn, Colombo is just the beginning of introducing a globally acknowledged IP to Sri Lankan music lovers” – Percept Ltd

According to their press release, last year’s Goa edition played host to almost 100,000 people over 3 days. Although we’re not entirely sold on that figure, there’s no doubt that it has a huge national and international following, many of which will follow the festival to Colombo.

“We have ventured into this avenue of entertainment, in order to bring our nation’s people even closer to what they love. We look forward to gathering the crowds and turning out a successful event together with Percept.” – Chandana Talwatte, Executive Director/CEO – Citrus

A little birdy tells us that Afrojack is also playing India on this trip. Stay tuned for details.

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NEWS - 07. September 2012   CITY - Colombo

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