Sri Lanka’s Tomcat and Magnum debut release


As part of a new wave of electronic musicians emerging from Sri Lanka, Tomcat and Magnum are turning heads with their fresh and experimental sounds. The duo have already carved out a distinct edge with their music, engaging audiences with a genre that’s rather obscure in this part of the world. They launched themselves fully into the scene in March this year with their self-titled debut EP which they performed in full at the Border Movement Lounge Live Performance Sessions in Colombo.

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Sarani Perera and Isaac Smith are no newbies to the music scene. Perera hails from psychedelic fusion band Thriloka and has joined forces with New Zealand born double bass player Isaac Smith. They are also part of the Colombo 00800 Kinesthetics , a live experimental dance music outfit embodying rock, funk and jazz.

Tomcat and Magnum sound like an analogue production with a strong nostalgic nod to the 80s. With different synths being picked up and meshed easily into their tracks, to a more post disco aesthetic. This aural experience completes a retro-futuristic impression. The last track of the EP needs a mention for the spoken word by old-time collaborator Toc Toc Baya, from the band Krema Diaz.

In short, their sound is for the more refined dance enthusiast.

Tomcat and Mangum is an independent release on Bandcamp – you can listen to it in full here:

written by Zul Luthufi


NEWS - 12. May 2014   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Tomcat and Magnum

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