SoundCity13: Berlin Clubnacht in Dhaka


Berlin club culture meets Bengali party culture at SoundCity´13 this weekend in Dhaka.The promoters themselves highlight the lack of alcohol as part of Dhaka’s cultural contribution to the night and encourage punters to turn up ‘tipsy’.

This sounds like a scene that gloats a certain schadenfreude and irony that’s probably necessary given the situation but one that’s aware of its right to party and exercises it in the most practical way possible. And rightly so.

With a lineup that boasts origins spread as far apart as Germany, USA, Turkey and Bangladesh and houses it under the umbrella of a so-called ‘Berlin Clubnacht’ (Clubnacht means Clubnight in German) it seems fair to assume that it’s the programming of such a wide spectrum of niche electronic music from both international live acts and DJs, that’s seen as synonymous with Berlin’s openness and diversity for clubbers. The notorious Dhaka Electronica Scene ensures that only the Créme de la Créme of the Bangladeshi electronic music scene is on stage. That and the fact that the whole thing is taking place at the Goethe Institut, who have supported the event by in inviting German producer, DJ and founder of Festplatten records, Andi Teichmann to add to the sound palette.

Friday 22 March 
Berlin Clubnacht at the Goethe Institut 
– Andi Teichmann (DE)
– Don Orcun & Misha (TR)
– Farzan (BD)
– Collaborative Live Act with Omer Nashaad (BD)
– ‘HAL’ (BD)

Saturday 23 March 
The Festival at Saffron
– Andi Teichmann (DE)
– Band Lalon (BD)
– Cryptic Fate (BD)
– Chirkutt Band (BD)
– Arbovirus (BD)
– Indalo (BD)
– Karnival(BD)
– Eclipse (BD)
– Ashmann (BD)
– Navid-Andreas (BD)

NEWS - 21. March 2013   CITY - Dhaka

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