Sometimes & Elsewhere present: #1 Modeselektor

Thanks to Red Bull Music Academy, Modeselektor are set to play DJ sets in Mumbai and Delhi this week.

To mark the occasion, BM asked Perera Elsewhere (Jahcoozi) and visual artist Hugo Holger Schneider to interview Modeselektor.

We were expecting something off the wall, but this is next level Dada.  Check it out for yourselves.

Sometimes & Elsewhere present: #1 Modeselektor from BorderMovement on Vimeo.

An Interview Project by Hugologie and Perera Elsewhere featuring Modeselektor ‘s Sebastian Szary and Gernot ‘the spherical Kugel’ Bronsert

Hugo Holger Schneider was also responsible for the highly surreal video of  Perera Elsewhere‘s lead single ‘Bizarre’ on the Los Angeles label Friends of Friends.

‘Schneider chopped up photos of Perera, sports cars and whatnot for a video that feels a bit like a cross between Monty Python animations and a family vacation when you have a fever in the backseat.’  (Fader Magazine)

India, brace yourselves, Modeselektor are a force to be reckoned with.



NEWS - 03. December 2013   CITY - Berlin ARTIST - Modeselektor

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