Dynoman: I Realised That I Was An Artist Who Evolves & Is Not Limited To A Genre Or Sound

In a way, Karachi is an anomaly. The seamless integration of conservative with unconventional defines its creative musical expression. But within its structured contours, lie esoteric nuances that transcend traditional norms of musicality. Coaxing a transcultural amalgam of dialogues within the experimental space, the city’s tryst with underground continues to celebrate the synthesis of old and new in the realm of ‘sound art’.


NEWS - 01. October 2018   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - DynoMan

“You Sing Ok, But Why Does The Music Have To Be So Inaccessible?” Nepali Producer phatcowlee In Discussion About His Debut Release ‘Cinema’


“The most positive thing I’ve read about my music is the comparison of my sound to a mix between Madlib, and that, err… LA dude, who’s a filmmaker? Yes, Flying Lotus! I guess that was cool,” says Rajan Shrestha aka phatcowlee, the subject of my interview earlier this morning. And the most negative? “Umm, I’m not sure, but plenty of the feedback has been pretty positive, but yes, people have said to me that you sing ok, but why does the music have to be so inaccessible,” he continues.


NEWS - 11. September 2017   ARTIST - Phatcowlee

Unboxing The Future: A Nosedive Into The Vision Of India’s First Online Community Radio

aBoxout.fm-co-founder-Sahej-Bakshi-(left)-and-curator-DJ-MoCity---Photo-credit---Zacharie-RabehiImage credit: Zacharie Rabehi

“I remember the day Mo told me about his idea to start an online community radio. We couldn’t stop thinking or talking about it. At that point, we knew that there was no turning back” Sahej Bakshi.


NEWS - 19. June 2017   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - DJ MoCity

“There Is No Excuse For Not Expressing Yourself”: Ash Koosha On Trump, Living In Exile & The Need For Critical Thinking In Art

Ash-Koosha-Credit-Özge-CöneImage credit: Özge Cöne

On 20 January this year, former businessman and reality TV personality Donald Trump sauntered onto the West Front of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. to take oath as president of the United States. There wasn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind that the ripple effect of this mind-boggling election was eventually going to reach shores around the world, but when Trump signed the executive order on immigration (“protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry”) a mere week later – mankind gasped in collective, despairing shock.


NEWS - 14. February 2017   ARTIST - Ash Koosha

Sound Lab Mumbai 2015

Sound Lab Mumbai from BorderMovement on Vimeo.

produced by Sourya Sen and Naman Saraiya

 While the Sound Lab in Mumbai technically kicked off on Saturday February 7 and stayed quite low key through most of the weekend, it was the following week that really saw the project truly come into fruition. Until February 13, visitors of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, an annual multi-cultural offering in the heart of South Mumbai got to witness an experimental, unrehearsed workshop on electronic music production akin to the inner workings of a studio. 


NEWS - 22. March 2016  

Chaithanya Jade: Where Music Meets Poetry & Philosophy


Restoring faith in the cumulative effort of cultivating a universal cultural expression, music has enabled many of those who wished to explore and re-discover reality through varied perspectives. Displaying a continuum of human spirit at the core of a strong artistic identity, Chaithanya Jade’s musical exploration is a synchronous merge of poetry and philosophy. “To create something good, you need to have a strong sense of identity. And that stems from how someone’s thinking, which is influenced by philosophy. I guess all great musicians would make excellent philosophers,” said the Bangalore-based musician whose foray into the world of post rock, experimental and electronica with Superflow and Until We Last has enabled him to deepen his understanding of the different realms of intangible musical expression.


NEWS - 27. November 2015   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Until We Last


Born in Poona, India, Daso’s first club experience goes all the way back to cruising around his daddy’s disco’s marble dance floor – on a floor polisher! Now imagine this kid grown-up, having soaked up all kinds of musical influences on his “playground”, from Miles Davis and Hendrix to the day-to-day hit machinery of contemporary radio pop: he became one of the most talented acts in the electronic music circus.

Daso’s debut “Daybreak” (MBF Rec., 2006) was released only one year after his move to Cologne: one of Germany’s epicenters of techno culture. The a-side immediately became a peak time staple in clubs around the world. And it’s still being charted by the big acts – 6 years after its initial release.
Such potent talent was bound to cause a stir in the international dance music scene and soon Spectral Sound jumped at the youngster. The cooperation even topped his first in terms of “hit”: the modern techno hymn “Meine” is now regarded, for example by fans and DJs of the Panorama Bar, as one of the club classics.
After this second smash it became clear that the “kid” had found his way. And he continued on his eclectic path of smashed Italo Disco and positively charged hi-tech Trance with his next track “Thujon” from the Absinthe EP on Connaisseur. It was features as the musical climax on Dubfire’s Mixmag compilation.
High profile releases like these made Daso a sought-after collaborator. His talent was demanded for remixes for Butch, Oliver Koletzki and Jens Friebe to full-on studio collabs with Franklin de Costa, Juli Holz, Jin Choi and Pawas.
Through the years Daso became a well-established act in the world of electronic dance music. He decided to take his next step and move to Berlin.

After arriving in the capital of electronic dance music Daso continued to release tracks through cutting-edge labels. His first, the sunkissed deep house plateau “Why Try”, kicked off Richard Zepezauer’s Nsyde label, which by now, just after a handful releases, is already a fave among critics on both sides of the Atlantic. The remix by Underground Quality luminary Fred P. got featured on Cassy’s Mixmag CD, while Jus-Ed started his radio show with Daso’s original and Fred P.s remix – played back-to-back! – all in the same week of its release. His string of releases since includes tracks on Florian Meindl’s Flash (“Open Cage”), upcoming house label Yipiee (“Miu Miu”), John Digweeds Bedrock and the German electronic indielabel with probably the biggest crossover success in recent years: Stil vor Talent (“Winterabend” feat. Juli Holz). Amazing feedback from his DJ colleagues never ceased, as one his most recent productions, “Dan Lyke” from the “All My People” EP got licensed by Tale of Us and was played by the likes of Nico Lahs and Ewan Pearson.

Although this discography is by no doubt impressive Daso’s true talent lies in his live performance. Seamlessly switching from emotional house to rave hymns to hard-as-bones techno he sends the crowd from tokio to mexico city on a journey through perfectly timed changes in style every time he sets the stage – never boring, always fuelled by the spark of his spontaneousness and first-hand knowledge of dance floors on both sides of the booth. Above all, Daso is an extraordinary performer on a dandy level, with elegance and style.


NEWS - 14. July 2015  

A View From The Sidelines: The Evolution of Curtain Blue

Curtain Blue - Profile

In May 2009, Abhishek Bhatia and his bandmates from The Circus,announced themselves to the scene at large, breaking out of the compact and restrictive Delhi circuit courtesy of Channel [V]’s Launchpad reality television series. The Circus were eliminated from the competition, failing to impress in the penultimate round, but, over the course of the series, had established themselves as one of the most refreshing and innovative acts that India had to offer. Bhatia’s distinctive approach to design played an integral role in grabbing the judges’, and the audience’s attention.


NEWS - 01. June 2015   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Curtain Blue

New Beginnings: Consolidate


Bangalore has always been a breeding ground for nascent concepts and ideas. The city, blessed with its fair share of accomplished musicians and exciting new talent is widely recognised as one of India’s most exciting musical hubs. Embracing the out-of-the-ordinary has long been a feature of this city’s music-loving aficionados. A bevy of such concepts find wings to take flight in namma Bengaluru, and one such concept is ‘Consolidate’, a community where fringe electronica thrives.


NEWS - 16. April 2015   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - RHL

Sound Lab Mumbai Takes Electronic Music To New Audiences

Sound Lab Mumbai from BorderMovement on Vimeo.

produced by Sourya Sen and Naman Saraiya

While the Sound Lab in Mumbai technically kicked off on Saturday February 7 and stayed quite low key through most of the weekend, it was the following week that really saw the project truly come into fruition. Until February 13, visitors of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, an annual multi-cultural offering in the heart of South Mumbai got to witness an experimental, unrehearsed workshop on electronic music production akin to the inner workings of a studio. 


NEWS - 06. March 2015   CITY - Mumbai

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