Room 2 Preview: Room For Growth


Room is Dhaka Electronica Scene’s flagship event series which focuses on introducing new artists to the electronic music scene. Taking place on Wednesday 30 April in Dhaka, the event is executed in way that suits local values i.e. no alcohol sales but there is a BYOB option. While alcohol is a lucrative part of most nightlife industries, it is a social taboo here in Dhaka and the same can be said about electronic music gigs. Someone once told me that police permission is required whenever there is a gig, but we got lucky with the German connection.

Berlin Hall at Goethe Institut Dhaka is the venue – possibly the best space in the city for 250 odd enthusiasts to come together and experience something new. The idea behind this event series is to allow producers who have made DES their home to make a transition to performing live. It’s not the usual DJing Dhakaites have been experiencing but live sets, collaborative performances with instrumentalists from the thriving band scene and live visuals. DES encourages anyone to come up with new ideas, making it possible to build a thriving cross media platform. Video installations, art duels or possibly the oral tradition of Puthi (folk literature) could be some of the things added to future Room gatherings.

Ayurvedik Sound will get Room 2 started featuring Fahad Zaman solo for the first time, and introducing new power act Apeiruss supported by the experienced Don Donadoni who will finish the night up.

In terms of a business model, the Room series is not financed by patronage but with the trusted supported of Goethe Institut Dhaka. We are trying out a model which will actually make us business oriented, a model that is designed to return costs incurred by Goethe while keeping any profit.

The vision is to have 25-50 gatherings every year all over the city.

Find out more about Room 2 via the Facebook event here.



written by Faisal Khan 

NEWS - 22. April 2014   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Dhaka Electronica Scene

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