Review: Fahad Zaman


Fahad Zaman is back.
Signed to Akāliko Records, he has been warming up pretty tight.
And the new single is proof.
A remake of Imran Ahmed’s ‘Crows will lead the way’, the track features hip and unorthodox rhythms, accompanied by an ethnic guitar pattern.

You may have already heard his debut single ‘Mongrel’ (featured in Dhaka Electronica Scene’s debut compilation Explorations). It seems he’s now re-presented ‘Mongrel’ in quite a different style.
The remake was possible with the help of Tinu Rashid and Saybe Dipro.

Currently working on the release of his debut EP, there’s a lot more to expect from him this year.

written by Faisal Khan

NEWS - 23. September 2013   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Fahad Zaman

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