Radical Drift: Beyond The Rockness Monster

Deep in the Amora Park reserve a gargantuan snake-like decal bared teeth. Its head was a cliché and its body adorned with time-honored gang symbols. The Rockness Monster’, as it was christened later, was the most sought after tongue-in-cheek addition to last years’ NH7 Weekender Pune and going by the enthusiasm of its creators, was just as stupefying as it was meant to be.

The two perpetrators in question Tony Weingartner and Chifumi set out on some nascent 2012 morning to see, live and understand cultures around the world. A French Network Arte took their lust for life seriously and decided to host them on their website, with a clincher – the viewers decide where they travel, who they meet there and what they do next. Someone, somewhere threw a stone at a map and it hit India first.

“The show’s called Radical Drift”, chimes Weingartner. “Drifting is an artistic activity, to walk around a city and get influenced by the architecture, the signs, roads, just about anything. Travel to see, see to live, live to understand – that’s the motto!

“We did a mixed-media piece on the beach in Goa to kick things off and then got in touch with Mohammed (Abood, OML),” adds Chifumi. “He sent us a picture of the Weekender festival venue and we instantly zeroed in on the lake. The idea was to mould something terrific out of snakes and music. I always do something that ends up being like a logo or something symbolic I leave behind. “

The shows, as they stand now on the website, are culturally disparate to the mainstream travel networks in India, and hey, also in French. But talk is cheap when you’re raging a ‘tattoo rickshaw’ through the dilapidated streets of Madhya Pradesh, trying to doll up a Muay Thai Boxing club in Thailand, or roasting Piñatas in Vietnam.


written by Jash Reen

NEWS - 04. February 2013   CITY - Pune

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