Sound Camp Karachi 2015


In May 2015 experimental electronic musicians from Germany, Pakistan and the Maledives followed the call of Andi & Hannes Teichmann, the Forever South Crew and the Goethe Institut to meet in Karachi, Pakistan. A house was transformed into temporary recording studio and a place to meet, inspire, record, play, eat and sometimes sleep.
These recordings are bundled on the album “Karachi Files”, that is the first release on Teichmann┬┤s new label imprint NOLAND. Released in may 2016.
Participating musicians:
rRoxymore (Germany, France), Rudoh (Pakistan), Dynoman (Pakistan), Toll Crane (Pakistan), Alien Panda Jury (Pakistan), Natasha Humera Ejaz (Pakistan), Menimal (Maledives), Taprikk Sweeze (Germany), Arttu (AKA Lump) (Germany, Finland), Ramsha Shakeel (Pakistan, Canada), Gebrueder Teichmann (Germany) and the Berlin based fotographer Pablo Lauf.


Gebr├╝der Teichmann

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