SLAP Residency (SoundLab Asia Pacific)

SLAP (SoundLab Asia Pacific)
Where: The Dusun, Malaysia
When: 26 – 31 March 2017
Application opens: October 1st 2016
Application deadline: November 1st 2016

A link to the application form can be found here.
Full details about how to apply, eligibility criteria and FAQ´s can be found below.

SLAP (SoundLab Asia Pacific) Residency is a program brought to you in partnership with Modern Sky Festival Helsinki, Detour Asia, The Dusun and Border Movement (see below for more info about the partners). SLAP aims to encourage an ongoing intercultural dialogue by promoting creative exchange amoung music scenes from Asia Pacific and Europe.

Slap #1: The Dusun
The first edition of SLAP will take the shape of a 5 day residency in March 2017 at luxury Malaysian tropical jungle resort The Dusun. Participants will be invited to take part in a tailored residency program that will see the artist meet and collaborate with local musicians and producers, undertake production master classes, interact with local labels and music businesses and get the opportunity to play gigs in Asia. Each residency will be shaped around the individual needs of each successful applicant creating a unique residency opportunity.

Who can apply?
An ongoing residency series, the first edition of SLAP will be based on an open call for applications that will open on October 1st 2016 and end 1st November 2016. Applications for this round will only be accepted by artists that are Finnish residents. Further information about how to apply and full eligibility criteria will be available on

What will be covered?
Accommodation, food and production costs for the project will be covered by the residency. We will also assist with travel funding applications making this an all expenses paid residency.

The SLAP residency will be documented and presented on and social media channels which will feature regular articles, visual diaries and posts by the artist and local writers.

Applicants must be between 18 – 40 years old during the residency dates. Applicants are required to be residents of Finland.

Who can apply?
SLAP encourages musicians from all backgrounds and genres to apply. Applicants are not required to have had any formal training and we are especially interested in musicians who double up as promoters, bookers, label owners, bloggers, journalists, writers, instrument builders, videographers, musicologists and educators.

How to apply
Download SLAP application form here and send  via e-mail to: .

Important information to include in your application
Make sure you include details about your musical background, your interests as well as information about future projects, goals and dreams. An important element of the residency is documenting and sharing your experience, make sure you share any examples/links of writing/photography/filmmaking and tell us how you will share your journey.

Review criteria that will be considered
Excellence –  fresh and unique music away from the mainstream.

SLAP partners


When is the application deadline?
Approx. one month after the start of the call for applications.

Where do I send the application/how do I submit my application? Physical or digital?
Just digital (download the application form here, complete it and email to

How do I know you have received my application?
We will acknowledge the receipt of your application via e-mail.

Can I send my application digitally?

What costs do participants have to cover for SLAP?
We will assist with travel funding applications making this an all expenses paid residency.

Will SLAP residency participants need to get visas for Malaysia?
Malaysia has a visa on arrival system in place, free of charge.

Is the SLAP residency only for artists who make electronic music?
The SLAP residency is open for artists who make fresh and unique music away from the mainstream. It can be any genre, ‘electronic’ means for us, that the music was recorded digitally and produced in-house.
Our goal is to support DIY-music culture.

Do I have to be a professional musician to apply?

What format should I send my music in?
We will only accept streamable links.

How many songs can I include in the demo?

Do I need to answer every question?

Can bands apply?
Yes, but only one band member will be invited.

Can I apply on behalf of someone?

Do I need to be a certain age to apply?
Minimum 18 years.

Do participants need to speak English?
Yes, at least simple English language skills are required.

What is the selection process?
A jury consisting of one person from from Modern Sky Helsinki, Border Movement, Detour Asia and the Dusun will carefully look at the applications and come to a majority decision.

When will successful applicants find out?
Approx. one month after the deadline.

What happens if I’m selected for the residency?
We will contact you personally.

How long is the residency and what will it comprise of?
5 days plus. The weekend before and after is reserved for some live gigs. We can’t promise any gigs, but that’s the plan.

Can I participate in just part of the residency?

I have more questions – who do I contact?